Yang House: An LGBT-Friendly Hostel in La Union


Nobody is perfect, and so is love.

Love is just a four letter word which is hard to define. Tbh, love is less complicated if we just let our hearts define it the way it wants. Can you just imagine what would it be if love has no labels, no gender, no age and no religion? A much simpler life with no setbacks!

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Unfortunately, our emotions are affected by socially constructed ideas of “forever‘. But do not lose hope, if your own color fade, just look at the rainbow and book a quick escape to La Union!

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La Union, known for its gigantic waves and picturesque beaches,  uncover a new hostel that welcome all types of love and people.

Yang House is a  fairly new hostel in La Union which also offers customized tour packages and hold social events.

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Each corner of this hostel is filled with belongingness and love especially for the third genders.

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Vibrant murals are pasted all over the hostel showcasing a strong influence of the LGBT community.

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It offers an air-conditioned dorm rooms and private rooms (ideal for backpackers, surfers and of course, the love birds).

Image Credit: facebook / @yangguesthouse
Image Credit: facebook / @yangguesthouse
Image Credit: facebook / @yangguesthouse

The rooms are basic but artistic, I must say. Each rates come with breakfast, WiFi and bathroom with hot and cold shower.

Image Credit: facebook / @yangguesthouse
Image Credit: facebook / @yangguesthouse

Without a second a thought, Yang House is a worth visiting hostel in La Union. It will give us a new experience and widen our understanding regarding the LGBT community.

Image Credit: facebook / @yangguesthouse

Love is meant to be celebrated by each and everyone. Maybe, we should stop judging people for things we can’t understand and derail them from getting the love they always wanted. After all, we all deserve to be happy and gay!

Yang House

Location: 01 Villa Sebastian Urbiztondo San Juan, La Union

Contact Number: 0917-542-8124

Facebook Page: Yang House

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