7 Unspoiled Natural Attractions in Polillo Group of Islands


7 Unspoiled Natural Attractions in Polillo Group of Islands

Before you run out of words describing other countries’ natural attractions, why not take a look and explore our own country first? It’s too early to say that you’ve seen all the breathtaking attractions the Philippines has to offer.  Remember, there are over seven thousand islands our country has, pretty sure there are plenty of it that will blow your mind and fulfill your wanderlust!

One of those is Polillo Group of Islands, an island located in the Northeastern region of the country’s archipelago, which is sundered from the island of Luzon by the Polillo Strait.

Hand in a pen and paper and prepare listing down the natural spots that you may include in your travel itinerary as we touch down Polillo Group of Islands!

1. Anilon Island

image credit: IG / anne_franchesca

If you’re dreaming of going to Boracay yet don’t like the idea of bumping shoulders to other tourists, have a piece of it at Anilon Island. This spot boasts of white sand beaches, clear waters and scenic views, including the Anilon Cave, a tunnel-like rock formation swimmers could pass through.

Location: Anilon, Burdeos, Quezon

2. Bato Beach

image credit: FB / Carla Dawn Moises Abagat

Along the coastline of Agta point in Barangay Kalubakis, lies a beautiful island with an abundance of marine landmarks unbeknownst to urban people. Bato Beach offers a fine brown sand that may look not too appealing, but before you set your judgement, try to dip your body in its clear water. I’m sure it’s enough to make you feel satisfied.

Location: Barangay Agta, Polillo, Quezon

3. Isla Puting Bato

image credit: Claire Raborar

If you’re looking for a thrilling place, Polillo Island will never disappoint you, bud! Head to Isla Puting Bato wherein majestic rock formations will really catch your attention! Not to mention that it is also home for different kinds of snakes. (I told you, this place is thrilling, e.)

Location: Barangay Puting Bato, Burdeos, Quezon

4. Baguitay Island

image credit: Claire Raborar

Hopping to the next island… Baguitay Island! This spot offers a breathtaking view of a wide stretch of sand that sparkles under the heat of the sun. If you’re aiming for the beautiful photographs that you can post on your social media accounts, the island’s crystal clear water, powdery white sand and azure sky absolutely serves a great backdrop!

Location: Burdeos, Quezon

5. Minasawa Bird Sanctuary

image credit: Franco Ayson

For backpackers who want to experience a different kind of fun and adventure, consider going to Minasawa island, a 4.5 hectare island established by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) which serves as a haven for about five species of birds, including Nutmeg Imperial Pigeon, Black Naped Oriole, Rufus Night Heron, Amusling and Swifts.

Location: Burdeos, Quezon

6. Kabalu Sand Bar

image credit: Jo Lontoc

Another spot in Polillo Island, which does not only attract travelers, but also a bunch of migratory birds: Kabalu Sand Bar.

Location: Burdeos, Quezon

7. Pulong Kukok

image credit: JVM Photography

Takes pride in having a white sand beach with a large rock formation. What makes this island interesting is the fact that it is shaped like a giant chicken, hence the name. (In case you’re wondering…)

Location: Burdeos, Polillo Island, Quezon

Do these natural attractions in Polillo urge you to witness and experience their unspoiled beauty? Well, why not give your wanderlust a fulfillment?

How to get in Polillo Islands?

For those who can’t wait to touchdown this beautiful group of islands, you can opt to travel by air. But, if you want to have a long trip, first, you need to go to Real, Quezon. There are many local public transportation vehicles that can transfer you to your destination. Once you reached Real, Quezon, you can take ferry at Ungos Pier. It will take you about 4 hours to reach the island. Boats are made available every day, just make sure to get early at the port for boats leave in the morning and there are only three boats that transfer tourists from Real-Polillo and vice versa.

Have a safe trip, buds!

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