Unraveling the Exquisite Beauty of Buenavista Island



Whether you need to clear up  your mind or just want to take a break and be away from the bustling city, this private island located off the east coast of Davao City and north of the Island Garden City of Samal is surely a great remedy for you! Presenting the every beautiful privately owned island resort… (ta-da!) Buenavista Island!

Pack your things while we unravel its beauty unto you!

Tourists who are fond and interested in the marine life will surely love this place as Buenavista has an exquisite resort which serves as a sanctuary for giant clams!

image credits: SKEDsearch
image credits:FB / Davao Region

Aside from this, the island is also home to the Hawks Bill Turtle Sanctuary.

image credits: animals.nationalgeographic.com

The island also boasts of having a white sand beach and stunning sea view that will surely give a jaw-dropping backdrop for your selfie!

Done capturing the captivating beach and other majestic views of the island? Take a plunge into the refreshing sea water now!

image credits: FB / The Island Buenavista

Got tired of by simply flipping your feet under the water? Take a break and grab your snorkeling gears! You can also do snorkeling here, you know. The crystal clear water is inviting that you just want to stay there forever!

image credits: FB / The Island Buenavista

Does this island excite the hell out of you? If so, invite either the gang or your family and plan a short escapade now!

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