The Stunning Sea of Clouds at Treasure Mountain  will Definitely Leave You in Awe!

image credit: @lovelycarbon / Instagram

Since #travelgoals is one of the hype these days, no wonder various posts about their superb travel experiences are wide spreading on the internet. The fact that summer will hit the country shortly makes some plan for their next summer getaway.

For sure, there are some who are already cutting off their rice intake to achieve their dream beach body. But what if after all these years,  you still don’t know how to swim? Would you just let this summer passed without treating your stressed-from-work self?

image credit: Treasure Mountain / Facebook
image credit: Treasure Mountain / Facebook
image credit: Treasure Mountain / Facebook

Well, good news for you buds, there’s this place located about a couple of hours from Manila, where you can enjoy a scenic sea…sea of clouds. See? Not all sea can be enjoyed on the ground, some are just waiting up there, like this one at Treasure Mountain.

image credit: Tanay Rizal Tourist Spot / Facebook

Perhaps you’ve seen a lot of posts about this beautiful spot in Tanay, Rizal where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the boundless skies and green spaces. No doubt, the place is truly perfect for those who want to be away from the high rise buildings in Manila, crowded malls, parks and all.

image credit: Tanay Adventure Experience / Facebook

Albeit it’s a mountain, Treasure Mountain does not require hiking, thus making it pretty perfect for family outing.

image credit: Althea's Adventure / Facebook


For those who don’t want to miss the mesmerizing sea of clouds, better visit the place in the morning of a sunny day, because there are instances where guests can’t witness the panoramic view due to the weather and other factors.

image credit: Gie H. Dela Paz / Facebook


For interested, which we are sure many people will be, here are some important details to take in mind:

Entrance Fee:

Overnight – Php 200

Day Tour – Php 150

Children of 6 years under – FREE

Lodging – Php 500 / pax

Tent Pitching Fee – Php 300 / tent

Tent Rental – Php 500 (good for 2 pax); Php 800 (good for 4 pax)

Hammock Pitching Fee – Php 150

Sleeping Mats – Php 200

Corkage Fee – Php 50

As for transportation, it is suggested if you have your own vehicle and just Waze the place. But if you don’t have car, you can reach the place via commute: Ortigas and Cubao commute.

image credit: Gra Catz / Facebook

What are you waiting for? This could be your next barkada’s hideaway spot!


Treasure Mountain

Location: Sitio Maysawa, Barangay Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal

Facebook Page: Treasure Mountain

Contact: 0917-946-1200

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