5 Best Travel Destinations in the Philippines During the Rainy Season


Isn’t it annoying when you are itching to travel but the weather gets in the way? The gray clouds, dreary skies, and falling rain ruin the mood. But the Philippines is also blessed with good places to visit even during off-peak season.

Here are five destinations in our country if you want to travel during the rainy season.

1. Baguio

image credit: instagram.com/k.yong_hiii

The cool breeze from the rain will make you feel cozier and want to stay longer. And since most people usually go to Baguio City during summer, there are few tourists visiting the place during the rainy season.

2. Camiguin

image credit: instagram.com/valhugkisses

Relax and soak at the local hot springs like the popular Ardent Hot Springs. It is situated at the mountainside of Hibok-Hibok Volcano. Ardent Hot Springs has different pools which have different degrees of temperatures.

3. Cagayan de Oro

image credit: instagram.com/ilovemikee

It’s during rainy season when rivers come to life so it is the best time to try and enjoy water rafting at the Cagayan River of Cagayan de Oro.

4. Siargao

image credit: instagram.com/lebedefdv

If surfing is your thing, then you know that the best time to to ride the waves is during the rainy season. Tides are bigger after the rain.

5. Palawan

image credit: instagram.com/the_amazing_beautiful_earth

Palawan is actually a perfect place to visit whether it is raining or not. The sea remains calm even if it’s raining so you can still enjoy the waters and you can go snorkeling to get close with other sea creatures like dolphins and turtles.

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