10 Travel Destinations in the Philippines to Mend Your Broken Heart



Dealing with a really bad breakup, suffering from heartbreak, and moving on – it’s never easy. If you stay in bed all day, you’ll just think about your ex and all your happy memories together and end up in tears. If you go out, you’ll see happy couples everywhere.

How to move on? Visit these 10 places in our country that can help you forget about all the pain.

1. Biri Island, Northern Samar

image credit: IG / neonbytesxx

Just admire how beautiful and unique Biri’s rock formations are. The place is quiet and quaint, perfect to have some time on your own and take a break from the city’s noise and crowd. One thing is for sure, you won’t see your ex here.

2. Catanduanes

image credit: IG / abcdeeefg

Each of us has different mechanisms to deal with heartbreak. Some of us pig out on sweets, or go to parties to forget the pain. But if these can’t help you move on, maybe you need to travel and unwind. The good place to go? The “Happy Island”. The beauty of Catanduanes can put a smile on your sad face. There are several activities you can do like surfing and eating.

3. Sagada, Mountain Province

image credit: The Poor Traveler

Maybe the laid-back town of Sagada can help you forgive, forget, and move on. Explore the beauty of this place and get a glimpse of the breathtaking sunrise at Mt. Kiltepan.

4. Siquijor

image credit: IG / letsgoturko

Let the refreshing waterfalls in Siquijor take all the pain away. Stop thinking about your ex and just explore incredible caves instead, or walk along the beautiful beaches.

5. Batan, Batanes

image credit: IG / flipbardinas

Pause and admire the lighthouses and panoramic views in Batanes. Maybe by taking in the beauty of this place, you’ll find yourself again.

6. Zambales

image credit: IG / iamlynus

As the saying goes, cry now, smile later. Mingle and make friends in Zambales, visit the seaside terrain, be amazed with the pine trees on the beach, or learn how to surf. There are a lot of things you can do here that can help you forget about your ex even just for a while.

7. Mt. Telakawa, Tarlac

image credit: FB / Trail Seekers

Scale the mountain of Capas, Tarlac and stand at the top. If you can climb a mountain, maybe you can survive a broken heart too.

8. Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

image credit: IG / tiago_mcdo

Stalking your ex on social media won’t help you move on. Why not visit Puerto Galera, have a great time, make friends, and show the world how strong and happy you are even after a really bad break up. If you and your ex haven’t blocked each other on Facebook, you can post some photos of you having fun and show him/her that you’re over it. *winks*

9. Badian, Cebu

image credit: IG / zuzatrip

Go pig out on crispy and insanely delicious Cebu lechon, meet other thrill-seekers and do adventures together. You can do trekking, exploring caves, and jump from the cliffs.

10. Talikud Island, Island Garden City of Samal

image credit: IG / zuzatrip

Cry your heart out in a serene and stunning island where you can have your moment and no one will judge you. The pristine white sand beaches of the island will be there to comfort you.

Trust me, after a quiet retreat or an extreme adventure, you’ll be okay.

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