Traditional Filipino Games that Will Make You Nostalgic



With the kind of life we have today, there maybe only few of us who had bountiful and joyful childhood. Yeah, we often hear the elders say that their time is way beyond from the ones that we have. It can’t be denied, though. By just merely observing you can bluntly tell the difference between the past years with the present. And one of the most providential changes that we had is the kind of  childhood before than now. Despite of not having PSP, tablets, gameboy and other high-tech toys, kids before were happy with simple toys.

Let us travel back in time as we list down some of the traditional Filipino games that made your childhood even happier.

1. Araw-Lilim

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A running game that is not good for those who have weak hearts. Yeah, because you will run and run until you reach a shaded part, so, you will not be tagged by the tagger (taya). If you are still in the light and got touched by the tagger, that only means you will be the next ‘taya’. So if you don’t want to be the tagger, you can stay at the shaded part.

Have you experience this game during your childhood? It is fun, right? I’m not sure if there are still kids playing this kind of game. Perhaps, there still are.

2. Chinese Garter

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This traditional Filipino game is often played outdoor, but can also be played indoor, if there is a wide space. Popular among among the girls, this game requires two people to hold both ends of a stretched garter horizontally. The goal is to crossed by means of jumping over without having tripped on the garter. Each round, the garter’s height will become higher than the previews, same goal. Proceed until you still haven’t tripped the garter. Continue until you pant. (Kidding!)

3. Langit-Lupa

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Langit Lupa is somewhat similar to the game Araw-Lilim. Lupa will be the level ground and langit will be something higher than the level ground, say for example, stone or whatever that can be stepped on. The game’s objective is the tagger will chase after players, and may tag players who are in the ground, once that player got touched, he will be then the next taya of the game.

Clue: You should always be in langit, so, you will not be tagged by. (*winks*)

4. Patintero

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If Chinese Garter is famous for girls, this one is often being played by boys. Girls can also play this, though. These game needs two groups with the same number of players, one team will become the tagger and the other one will try to cross over the line without being touched or scratched by the opponent. Every member must be keen and careful by crossing, because if one member got tapped by the opponent, the whole group will become the tagger then.

5. Takip-Silim

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Otherwise known as Hide and Seek, your childhood would be kinda boring if you are a Filipino and haven’t played this game. This can be played anytime, anywhere. Having many participants would make this game more exciting. The tagger will cover his/her eyes until all the players had vanished and already hide themselves. Once the tagger is searching for the players, you will then carefully go to the base and cry ‘save’ so you will not be tagged or else you will be the next taya.

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