15 Top-Pick Tourist Spots in Panay Islands


Panay Island houses several awe-inspiring tourist spots that are well-worth your visit. Take a look at these splendid photos that will surely make you visit the ever stunning triangular island in Western Visayas!

1. Boracay Island (Malay, Aklan)

Image Credit: instagram / @eyang_p

Did you know that our all time fave tourist destination is only a part of Panay?

2. Mararison/Malalison Island (Culasi, Antique)

Image Credit: instagram / @rlpclyn

Fill your eyes with the rolling hills at this “small Batanes” and be sure to capture the mesmerizing mountain sunrise view!

3. Mt. Napulak (Igbaras, Iloilo)

Image Credit: instagram / @deathofsatara

Napulak basically means “nipple”. And as the name suggests, the mountain is shaped like a woman’s breast with a large rock at the peak most part. Start planning to climb the highest peak of Igbaras, Iloilo if you want to spend your weekend at the top with a view of the Panay region.

4. Camina Balay nga Bato (Arevalo, Iloilo)

Image Credit: instagram / @moncotaco

Travel back in time at this century and a half old Avancena House, now called Camina Balay nga Bato. You can see saints carved in red sandstones, paintings, antique wares, and tsokolateras.

5. Malumpati Cold Spring (Pandan, Antique)

Image Credit: instagram / @kawaiinejenjen

Beat the heat in the coldest natural pool perfect for family outing and bonding with the squad.

6. Miag-ao Church (Miag-ao, Iloilo)

Image Credit: instagram / @lanaheyo

In 1993, Miagao Church, also known as Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Nelly’s Garden (Jaro, Iloilo)

Image Credit: instagram / @abangate

Nope, it’s not the White House. It’s the most famous historic home in Iloilo built in 1928.

8. Gigantes Islands (Carles, Iloilo)

Image Credit: instagram / @myplanetparadise

A perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle of the city? Gigantes Islands, which consists of 10 islands, may be just what you need!

9. Guimaras Island (Panay Gulf)

Image Credit: instagram / @gooddays_photography

Situated in Western Visayas region, this beautiful island province is among the smallest provinces in the Philippines. Geologists say that Guimaras island once formed one landmass with Panay.

10. Nogas Island (Anini-y, Antique)

Image Credit: instagram / @willianism09

Located at Anini-y, Antique, this beautiful tropical island is an ideal getaway where you can enjoy snorkeling, diving, swimming, and bird-watching. So prepare your things, pack-up, and visit Nogas Island!

11. Antique Rice Terraces (San Remigio, Antique)

Image Credit: Wanderlust Infinity

Situated in the heart of Antique, you’ll discover the hidden gem of the Visayas: the majestic and natural rice terraces that have been developed by the Iraynon Bukidnon tribe for more than 200 years.

12. Sampaguita Gardens (Kalibo, Aklan)

Image Credit: instagram / @ninughhh

A cultural theme park, environmental education center, and a luxury resort, a playground. What more are you looking for? The wonderful Sampaguita Gardens has it all!

13. Garin Farm (San Joaquin, Iloilo)

Image Credit: instagram / @wandering_andoy

Relax and appreciate the beauty of nature at Garin’s Farm. With endless canopy vines, magnificent views, man made lagoon, and a variety of fauna and flora grown in the farm, you will surely have a refreshing day!

14. Villa Lizares (Iloilo City)

Image Credit: flickr / Constantine Agustin

This beautiful building was once the mansion and villa of the Lizares Family. Now, this remarkable mansion houses the Angelicum School Iloilo.

15. Kawa Hot Bath (Tibiao, Antique)

Image Credit: instagram / @iamtonstravels

And if you want to be cooked, you should give this a try! How will they do it? They’ll put some water and leaves onto the pot (kawa), dried coconut leaves, start the fire, and you can step inside once the water started to simmer. Don’t worry, they won’t eat you! *winks*

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