10 Things That Will Make Your Zamboanga Trip at Its Peak



Aside from listing down your trip itinerary, another thing that forms in your mind would surely be the things to do in that place. Speaking of which, may this list of to-do-things in Zamboanga give you a hint of the possible things that you can enjoy in this wonderful spot.

1. Buy crabs, curacha and prawn for a cheap price

Image Credit: Chasing Food Dreams

Seafood lovers, it is  the right spot to buy a basket-full of crabs, curacha and prawns without breaking the bank!

2. Wander around Sta. Cruz Island

Image Credit: Wazzup Pilipinas

Let your eyes fascinate the caroline pink sand beach of Sta. Cruz Island! Take the advantage to capture every moment spent here, it is not everyday you gotta see this kind of beach.

3. Beat the heat with a refreshing and famous Knickerbocker Glory

Image Credit: Wazzup Pilipinas

A tall conical glass of layered cream sundae – a concoction of milk, jelly, creamer, fresh fruit and ice cream – is truly enough to make your Zamboanga trip complete!

4. Delight your taste buds with the best apple pie in the city

Image Credit: The Black Box Patisserie

Country Chicken Restaurant in Pasonanca is the perfect spot that you should raid at if you want to taste the best apple pie in city!

5. Buy mangosteen, mangoes and durian at a very low prices

Image Credit: Choose Philippines (durian)/El Viajero (mangosteen)/MANGO WORLD MAGAZINE (mango)

Would you believe that mangosteen, mangoes and durian can be bought at a very affordable prices when in season? So, if you happen to visit here when these fruits are in season don’t miss to pick a bunch of it and take them home!

6. Visit Fort Pilar Shrine

Image Credit: Boarding Gate 101

One of the spots that marks Zamboanga City is the historic military defense fortress of Fort Pilar (Royal Fort of Our Lady of the Pilar Zaragoza).

7. Take a photograph at Paseo del Mar

Image Credit: The Adventures of AdventuRoj!

Looking for an Instagrammable spot where you can take some great photographs? This seafront parkway –  Paseo del Mar – will serve a good backdrop!

8. Bond with your friends at Zamboanga boulevard


Image Credit: Perfectly Imperfect

There’s nothing like hanging out friends and taking a walk along the magnificent Zamboanga boulevard.

9. Shop for Malaysian goodies at Barter Trade

Image Credit: langyaw.com

Get yourself a piece or two of shawls at Barter Trade! You can also look for other pasalubong-worthy items at this shop.

10. Shop for imported goodies at La Tienda

Image Credit: charactercentral.net

If Barter Trade offers Malaysian items, La Tienda on the other hand is a place where you can purchase some impored goodies that you can give to your loved ones and friends back home.

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