8 Things to Do to Relish the Timeless Beauty of Vigan City


8 Things to Do to Relish the Timeless Beauty of Vigan City COVER

If we talk about our history, we will need more than just a cup of coffee! But talking all day is boring, so let’s make learning more fun by travelling back in time!

Let’s start our lesson by rediscovering the most notable and ancient city in our country, no other than Vigan City!

1. Walk back in time, literally, at Calle Crisologo!

image credit: Jesse Alegre

The best time to experience a spanish colonial era in Calle Crisologo is to walk here at dawn!

2. Enjoy a panoramic view at the Bantay Bell Tower of Vigan

image credit: IG / gsonm87

You might mistaken this as PH’s Leaning Tower of Pisa. But this Bantay Bell Tower of Vigan served as the watch tower of the people during World War II.

3. Have a taste of their authentic longganisa and empanada.

image credit: IG / kittycathy25
image credit: IG / yannah.elnar

Visiting Vigan is not complete without having a taste of their authentic longganisa and empanada!

4. Visit Syquia Mansion

image credit: IG / edr68

Syquia Mansion was owned by the late former President Elpidio Quirino. Around the house you’ll see relics and if you’re such an explorer you might find one of the house secret passages! But if you get lost wandering and searching you can just ask the caretaker to point the secret doors to you LOL!

5. Drop by at Father Burgos Museum

image credit: Father Burgos Museum

This place should be considered as one of Vigan’s pride! It is the birthplace of the priest patriot Father Jose Burgos. Around the house you’ll see memorabilias of Father burgos and his family, dioramas, antique furnitures and many more!

6. Travel back in time with antiques and furnitures in Vigan

image credit: FB / Jade Tamboon

Since you’re already in Vigan bring home with you a piece of history!

7. Be amazed at the famous Plaza Salcedo Dancing Fountain Show

image credit: Rafael R. Zulueta

Tune in with the beat of the lively dancing fountain! It’s one of the newest attraction in Vigan and consider this as a bonus of our tour!

8. Walk along the black sand of Mindoro Beach.

image credit: Lente ni Mang Eladio

To end our lesson, let us walk through Mindoro Beach and just relax our mind along the vast coast. Mindoro Beach is not just your ordinary beach, why? Take a closer look at the photo, what can you notice? It is not dirty! The sand in Mindoro beach is pure black that shines like crystals!

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