8 Things You Can do to Explore Malapascua



They say a man doesn’t know how to be contented (not being so bitter, HONESTLY). They always, always look for something new, something unusual and fun to have. But as time goes by, more and more men are becoming single (oopsie!). Some choose to be single to get rid of responsibilities and so on. To get away from all the pressures brought by humanity, solo backpacking and diving are now becoming a hit with men. Some believe that when you’re under water you can escape the effects of gravity and feel so free. Among the thousand islands in the country, Malapascua became the favorite diving spot of the gents!

Malapascua Island is situated in the northern part of Cebu. But what so special about this piece of land?

Get thrilled with Malapascua’s rich biodiversity.

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Dive into a once in a lifetime experience with thresher sharks

Divers get thrilled because of the famous thresher sharks that you can find in Malapascua. Thresher sharks are known to be rare and you are lucky enough if you get the chance to swim with them.

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But aside from those, Malapascua Island has a lot more to offer.

1. Wear on those flipflop and get ready to go island hopping

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If you want to explore the beauty of Malapascua you should try Island hopping and discover the three beautiful islands of Malapascua namely Kalanggaman, Gato and Monad. Kalanggaman Island is considered to be the most beautiful among the three, Gato Island is where you can find the white tip sharks, bamboo sharks and cat sharks, and lastly is the Monad Shoal where you can encounter a rare thresher sharks.

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2. What’s the sense of going to the beach without bathing?

Have a splash of the crystal clear water of the island with your family or friends!

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3. Keep calm and follow the trend in Malapascua.

Since free diving is now becoming a hobby of other people why not give it a shot in Malapascua?

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4. “ If  you have it, flaunt it! ”

IF YOU ARE BRAVE ENOUGH AND WILLING TO TAKE A RISK, why not try Skinny Dipping? It is an exciting thing to do but not usual in Philippines, but why not? Make sure first that you are safe before doing it ( DO NOT JUST DIVE ), think first of all the possible situations you might encounter afterwards.

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5. Never say never in Malapascua!

Fear of heights? Say no more! Cliff diving in Malapascua is not just exciting but also breath taking. Experience jumping off a high cliff while witnessing the majestic view of the island.

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6. Just sit back and watch how the sun paints the sky

After a long day of swimming and exploring  the island, there is no more relaxing way to pamper yourself than sit down and watch the sunset at the beach.

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7. “I can’t give you the sunset, but I can give you the night”

All day and all night the fun in Malapascua never stops! You can grab a drink and party with the whole squad at the disco!

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8. It feels good to wander, but also to unwind

Malapascua is indeed an exciting place to be, but before leaving the island do not forget to unwind first and enjoy the serenity of it.

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If you want to get to Malapascua, from Cebu City take a bus in Cebu North Terminal going to Maya, the trip will last for four hours. In Maya port take a public boat going to Malapascua, the last trip is usually three o’clock in the afternoon. Upon arriving in Malapascua in order to get to the shore you need to ride a small paddle boat called tunda. Going to Malapascua is simple and hassle free so give it a shot to your bucket list this year!



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