8 To Do Things That Will Make Your Summer in Luzon A Total Blast!



Exciting Activities to Do in Luzon This Summer

Yeah, we all know that swimming is one of the best things to do (or should I say, the top-on-the-list) during summer, but are you going to spend the hot season by just doing a plain swimming-with-family-or-with-friends? I think there’s nothing wrong if you go to make and spend the whole summer trying out different things, right? Remember, the millennial term goes “You Only Live Once” (YOLO), so why don’t make it memorable?

Speaking of summer activities, do you have any idea on how making it fantastic if you’re going to spend it in Luzon? Fret not if you have none ‘cause we’ve got here some things that you should try to have a memorable, fun-filled and a total blast summer in Luzon!

1. Watch the beautiful Manila Bay sunset with your friends or loved ones

image credit: IG / manila bay sunset

One of the best things to do and most practical way to entertain yourself. Would you not be fascinated in an incredibly wonderful event where the sun romantically paints the sky.

2. Discover hidden coves and islands in Zambales

image credit: IG / jezdiz

Perfect for those who love to discover new things. Hold your breath and be lost with a number of natural wonders of the amazing Zambales.

3. Have an amazing tattoo in Kalinga

image credit: FB / Diego Befruit

Literally mark the summer memorable by getting inked with the old and famous Mambabatok in Kalinga… none other than the Apo Whang Od.

4. Cool down in the City of Pines

image credit: FB / Felicia Chin

Of course, the infamous and most-loved summer destination by many Pinoy, Baguio City!

5. Play with the impressive sea waves in La Union

image credit: FB / Asiatravel.com (Philippines)

Whether you’re a surfing enthusiast or just want to make the most out of summer, La Union’s clear waters and ever satisfying sea waves will surely make even those not-so-fun of surfing have the urge to try.

6. Get lost in the beauty of Bangui windmills

image credit: FB / Babcat Gregorio

Well, aside from simply admiring the beauty of this stunning, exquisite, breathtaking… (guess I would run out of positive adjectives if I continue describing this place) Bangui windmills, it would be perfect if you’ll gonna steal some photograph of it. What do you think?

7. Have a taste of Pampanga’s best dish… S I S I G

image credit: Trip the Islands

Summer adventure wouldn’t be complete if you’ll not go to satisfy your taste buds, right? So, you better go to the dubbed as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines – Pampanga –  and taste the best-tasting sisig!

8. Walk along the white sand beaches of Camarines Sur

image credit: FB / Markie Doo

Let your feet feel the powdery sand of white beaches of CamSur while holding hands with your loved one. Would you not have a great summer. (*wink)

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