5 Things Every Filipino Abroad Would Surely Miss About Christmas in the Philippines

image credit: Nikko Guillano

Christmas is indeed one of the most anticipated event in the year that we, Filipinos do count the days down when the calendar reached ‘ber’ months. Who would not be excited about this season anyway? It is the time of feast and love. It is when, enemies  forgive each other for the sake of having a great Christmas.

On the other hand, there are other people who are sad when Christmas comes – parents, relatives and friends who are abroad. It is ironic that there really are some who sacrifice to spend this kind of holidays alone, in a foreign land where they have no one but their own selves.

Have you ever wondered about the things that make Filipino abroad miss Christmas in the Philippines?

1. Caroling or Children singing Christmas carols in the streets and in every houses

image credit: PYOTravel Philippines / Facebook

Surely you’re very much familiar with this scene where children sing “Ang Pasko ay sumapit…” and end their song with “Thank you! Thank you! Ang babait ninyo, thank you!” where you’ll respond them with “Patawad” and they’ll reply back with a mocking phrase like “Thank you! Thank you! Ang babarat ninyo, thank you!”.

If you are going to spend Christmas abroad, you’ll somehow miss these children who make the season more lively.

2. Christmas songs being played everywhere

image credit: VideoHive

When ‘ber’ months started to approach, expect that it is also the start of hearing Christmas songs being played everywhere! Though it is more or less four months before Christmas! Well, that only proves how Filipinos are very much excited about the season.

3. Bright “Parol” (Lanterns)

image credit: Eric Woo Photography

The thing that brightens up the spirit of Christmas and at the same time, the one that absolutely miss when you’re to celebrate Christmas abroad – bright parol! Since Pinoy are known to be innovative, this decor have had many shapes in the past years, nonetheless, Christmas would not be complete without it!

4. Extravagant Noche Buena

image credit: Lezgow

If there’s one thing that every Filipino is so excited about during Christmas season, it is none other than a table full of sumptuous food!

When the clock hits 12:00mn – December 25 – it is also the start of feast!

5. Being wide awake on Christmas eve

image credits: Marjan / tumblr

Aside from tucking into sumptuous meal during Christmas eve, it also seems to be a tradition to Filipinos to stay awake until the morning.

Of course you’d not be able to get even a nap if the whole family is singing on the Karaoke and other noisy stuff. Afterall, it’s all worth it and indeed enjoyable!

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