Take Your Food Sesh to the Highest Level at The Rooftop Food Park!

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Are you a foodie who aren’t contented in dining in the same food spot? Are you always in search of a place where you can have a new set of food? Cheer up! You don’t have to settle with the same spot or wander where to be in a place where all you can see is food spots, thanks to the FOOD PARKS!

You might have been in a food park before, well, there’s a lot in the metro, right? But, have you ever been in a food park at the rooftop? If you haven’t been, it’s time to bring your food sesh to the highest level at The Rooftop Food Park!

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The Rooftop Food Park located at the top of a vacant building, is co-owned with two siblings who have a degree in interior design and architecture. No wonder, this food park is quite unique with other ones that you might have been before.

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Housing a total of 55 stalls, this food park is considered as one of the largest food establishments in the city. If you’re into trying all the food stalls here, you surely have to come back for a multiple times.

image credit: @rooftopfoodpark / Facebook

The dining area can accommodate up to 700 people and an additional 500 in the rooftop. In addition, there’s also a parking space allotted for foodies with wheels. And it’s a good thing!

Whether you’re into tucking in your tummies with sumptuous pieces of burgers, tempting rice meals, cool shakes, frappes and other cold drinks or whatever you crave for, The Rooftop Food Park won’t surely disappoint you! You just have to choose the perfect spot for your cravings.

image credit: @rooftopfoodpark / Facebook

Don’t worry, the food prices won’t hurt your budget. They are all deliciously affordable, trust me!

So give your friends a call and hurry to this food park!


The Rooftop Food Park

Location: Lot 3 Block 4 Regalado Ave., Neopolitan Business Park, Greater Largo, Quezon City, Philippines

Hours: Mon-Sun, 5:00pm – 1:00am

Contact: 0917-832-1182

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