Stunning Waterfalls to Chase in the City of Calbayog


Stunning Waterfalls to Chase in the City of Calbayog COVER

Can’t wait to get out of the crowded city and stuffy building? Come and explore majestic waterfalls in the city of Calbayog!

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Streams of crystal-clear water drops over huge cliffs… ahhh, enchanting! No wonder people love waterfalls in all their forms from vertical plunges to horsetails, cascades and cataracts. Luckily, the Philippines is blessed with magnificent falls each with its own unique appeal. And the city of Calbayog in Samar province boasts many falls that you shouldn’t miss when you visit the city.

One of these falls is the Bangon Falls, a four-layered waterfalls and is believed to be a potential source of hydroelectric power. Bangon is dotted as the crown jewel of Calbayog’s wonders. It is situated in Barangay Tinaplacan.

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You should also see the beauty of Pan-as Falls or “a maiden’s long hair cascading down the side of a high mountain”, as the locals call it. This falls in Barangay Pilar is sooo high that the water reaching the pool becomes a mere mist.

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Another stunning falls that is usually compared to Bangon Falls is Tarangban Falls in Barangay Tinaplacan.

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Tabokno Falls in Barangay Caybago is a simple one, but its beauty can still gain a lot of likes from your Instagram followers.

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These waterfalls are one of the reasons Calbayog City is becoming a growing tourist destination in the Visayas region. And it truly deserves a spot in our bucket list.

How to get there?

There are flights directly to the city of Calbayog from Manila that take about an hour and a half. There are also buses going to Calbayog from Manila a that will board on a roll-on roll-off ship.

If you are traveling from other parts of Visayas, you can take a van or bus trips to Calbayog that take about three hours.

There you have it. So, when do you plan to visit these beautiful waterfalls?


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