These Places in Guimaras Are Worth Taking Your Feet and Setting Your Sight!

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With picturesque beaches, springs, waterfalls, and sweet mangoes, no wonder Guimaras Island is a famous destination by local and foreign tourists. Not to mention it is also where you can witness a lively and astounding Manggahan Festival, which is a month long celebration of the province’s rich culture, and thanksgiving for having the most sweetest and the luscious mango around the world! (Just WOW!)

Planning to visit Guimaras? Here’s a list of highly recommended places to visit in the island!

1. Ambakan Falls

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About three kilometers from Jordan Wharf lies Ambakan Falls, an ideal place for adventure, nature tripping, picnic, and swimming.

2. Trappist Monastery

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A must-visit place in Guimaras with a beautiful monastic enclosure and peaceful and sacred grounds. You can talk with the monks and nuns at the prayer areas for counseling and confessions.

3. Floating Cottage in Nueva Valencia

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For those who travel to soul search and clear their shady mind, The Floating Cottage is a perfect spot for you! This novel spot is which is wholeheartedly donated by the former DENR Secretary Gina Lopez.

4. Balaan Bukid

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Balaan Bukid or the Holy Mountain is a 45-minute trek from the foot of the mountain in Barangay Hoskyn, about three kilometers away from the town proper of Jordan. You’ll see the 14 Stations of the Cross along the way, and the big cross and Ave Maria Church on top of the hill.

5. Taklong Island Marine Reserve

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Taklong Island Marine Reserve brags of beautiful rock formations, diverse flora and fauna, stunning white sand beaches and sandbars. Don’t miss to set your foot on one of the marine protected sites in the country. 😉

6.  Guisi Beach Resort Lighthouse and Ruins

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Marvel the yellowish sand, emerald green waters, and incredible rock formations of Guisi Beach Resort. And travel back in time at the historical spanish-colonial lighthouse along the coastal which was built during the 18th century. You will also see the ruins of a Spanish-colonial outpost.

7. Lawi Sea Turtle Sanctuary

Lawi Sea Turtle Sanctuary is a project of the Municipality for the preservation of the sea turtles. They put the sea turtles in aquarium nursery after being hatched, and bring them back to the sea after a few months.

8. Guimaras Windmills (San Lorenzo Wind Farm)

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If you can’t afford to go up north to witness the breathtaking view of Bangui Windmills in Ilocos Norte, Guimaras boasts of this windy place which will surely mindblown your wanderlust! Guimaras Windmills, also known as the San Lorenzo Wind Farm has 27 wind turbines which add to the panoramic view of the province.

9. Mango Plantation

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Admire the refreshing view of the mango plantation with over 50,000 mango trees that are being exported all over the world.

10. Roca Encantada

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A summer house of the Lopez Clan which was built in 1910. It is located in Buenavista, Guimaras. Admire the magnificent view of the Iloilo Strait and Siete Picados islands on its grand balcony.


P.S.: Be sure to visit Camiña Balay nga Kawayan, a family-owned restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. Dining here requires booking and reservations. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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