Streaming Sites That Will Spoil Your K-Drama Addiction


Whether you are a certified addicted to K-drama (which I am not, but a Gong Yoo for dinner tonight sounds perfect) or a beginner who doesn’t know a thing or two about Gong Yoo but now being intrigue because Kuya Kim is a self-proclaimed Gong Yoo look-alike, you better check out these legit sites where you’ve got the privilege to enjoy seamless korean dramas, series, shows and more.

Drama Fever

Since rainy season is coming and I am pretty sure we are all gonna be a couch potato because we don’t want to catch flu excluding Korean drama fever, let’s just throw a slumber party with Drama Fever! From Korean dramas to movies to series, concerts and even shows from Taiwan and Japan they got us covered! It is available on Android, iOS, Smart TVs and Chromecast.


Watch live TV shows from Korea via Tribe with english subtitles! Stream via Android, iOS and Chromecast.


Because we can’t get enough of Gong Yoo, watch your favorite series as fast as eight hours after its initial Korean telecast via Viu! Watch it via desktop, Android or iOS.


Just incase you lost your appetite (which I doubt) for Korean dramas (again, JUST. INCASE), Viki allow its users to enjoy dramas from across the different regions of Asia such as Japan, Taiwan, China and India! Spoil yourself via iOS, Android, Chromecast and Smart Tv


Nothing beats netflix and a warm bed on cold rainy season. Well, expect the unexpected as they say, Netflix airs K-dramas too! Watch descendant of the Sun, Boys Over Flowers and many more on Netflix via Android, iOS, desktop, Chromecast and so forth.

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