8 Stirring Places to Uncover in Sorsogon

image credit: instagram / @imakoi

Would you like to explore the hidden gems of Switzerland of the Orient?

For my fellow adrenaline junkie who dare to bare limitless thrilling actions within our native country, Sorsogon or the Switzerland of the Orient is our place to be! Sorsogon is just a small dot on our map and located off the beaten track, nevertheless, it is blessed with attractions waiting to be uncovered!

1. Donsol Whale Shark

image credit: instagram / @girlabroad

Be extravagantly cool by swimming along with the biggest fish in the world! Dansol is probably the most exciting place to start your Sorsogon escapade!

2. Paguriran Island

image credit: instagram / @nizzatravels

Own this lovely lagoon surrounded by jagged rocks which offers an slightly outcast feels!

3. Manta Bowl

image credit: Trip101

The thrill never stops in Sorsogon, as a matter of fact, the Manta Ray capital of the philippines is found in Sorsogon!

4. Mt. Bulusan

image credit: instagram / @dashbuenavista

This densely forested active volcano in Sorsogon (another thrilling place indeed!), houses a sulphuric steams called the Blackbird Lake. Also, you can camp at its crater during the night.. or Can you?

5. Rizal Beach

image credit: instagram / @theguiltybackpacker

Rizal Beach is in fact one of the best pristine beaches in the country! During the ber months until the latter of May, the waves are suitable for surfing!

6. San Mateo Hot and Cold Spring

image credit: instagram / @bellaskova

Blessed by nature, lounge and plunge at these therapeutic springs and get rid of your stress!

7. Saint Joseph Church

image credit: instagram / @waynexplores.the.world

Saint Joseph Church  is a unique masterpiece dates back 18th century. It is made out from huge slabs of corals cemented and combined together using egg whites and tuba, pretty cool hun.

8. Ogod River

image credit: donsolecotour.com

Give your eyes a break from the towering city lights and suit yourself at this charming river fireflies!

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