This BIGGEST Starbucks in Macapagal Boulevard Must be Visited By Every Starbucks Junkie!


Don’t be sad if your favorite spot in your favorite Starbucks outlet is always occupied by other Starbucks junkie, the biggest among all the branches of this famous coffee outlet stands prettily along Macapagal Boulevard!

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This one is quite spacious that it can accommodate a number of 222 people. With its warm-looking interior design, every coffee lover will surely feel relaxed as they gradually sip the coffee from a fabulous cup!


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The Biggest.

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The store also set up some seats for those people who want to enjoy their drinks a few steps away from the counter.

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If you’re thinking of a nice place where you can meet a colleague, it won’t be a problem as Starbucks Macapagal also has some seats which makes it an  ideal workspace as well.

Coffee time. ❤️☕️

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Oops, the seats do not end there, as there are even chairs and tables located by the window!

See? There would be nothing to worry about once your favorite spot is taken by other coffeeholics, as you can find a nice alternative spot when you’re in Starbucks Macapagal!

Pabili ng kape. Yung medyo matapang, para kaya akong ipaglaban. 😉👊🏻✌🏻 @starbucksph

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P.S.: Hurry or always on the go? Grab your favorite drink at the Drive Thru!

Starbucks Macapagal

Location: 9 Macapagal Blvd. corner Bradco Avenue,Parañaque City

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