10 Scenic Places to Discover in Marinduque

Tres Reyes Island Marinduque - @mrc.mlc

Did you know that Fiji’s famous heart-shaped island can also be seen in the Philippines? A small island province shaped like a heart also considered as the Lenten mecca of Southern Tagalog! This jaw-dropping island has plenty of places waiting for you to discover! Come and let’s marvel through the wonderful province of Marinduque!

1. Tres Reyes Island

Tres Reyes Island - @shzanang

This group of islets offers long stretch of coral beach with crystal emerald water blessed with marine life and coral reefs! Each islet has its own unique characteristics and interesting stories.

2. Balanacan View Deck

Balanacan View Deck - @simplegwen

Surrounded by astonishing seascapes and landscapes, this place has become part of the history since 17th century. It was used by the Spanish navy to fix and build their galleons and an air and naval site during World War II.

3. Malbog Sulfur Spring

Malbog Sulfur Spring - @anjislove

The spellbinding beauty and therapeutic natural components of this spring attracted both local and foreign tourists. The fun fact about this spring is it lies at the base of an inactive volcano Mt. Malindig!

4. Mongpong Island

Mongpong Island - @keitzaquino

Don’t you just hate it when people say “I need space”? So if you ever experienced this cliche, send them right away to Mongpong island! The farthest island in Marinduque which will give people castaway feels! If they feel lonely in an instance they can jump over the 100 foot Ungab rock formation!

5. Palad Sandbar

Palad Sandbar - @printipe94

Palad sandbar is a long stretch of sandbar which unfortunately can’t fit our palm. Ironic right? Nevertheless, this long sandbar is a perfect place to take instagrammable photos!

6. Poctoy Beach

Poctoy Beach - @shannenvelasco31

Since Marinduque is also considered as an affordable alternative to Boracay, Poctoy Beach is a clear representation why! A Long line of towering coconut trees, white powdery sand, and crystal clear water. It is developed yet so you can own it all day!

7. Bulusukan Falls

Bulusukan Falls - marinduquegov.blogspot.com

This is probably one of the best places to visit in Marinduque. It is like a piece of paradise tucked inside a lush forest! Aside from its cool cascading crisp water, it is also known as the biggest habitat of butterflies housing 300 endemic species in Marinduque!

8. Amoingon Beach

Amoingon Beach 1 - @alexfellizar

Dive underneath the snorkeling capital of Marinduque! Its crystal clear water is teeming with abundant of corals and variety of tropical fishes and other interesting aquatic animals!

9. Natangco Islet

Natangco Islet - @kersslaudit

Divers find this islet as a small piece of heaven! It houses various marine animals such as butterflyfishes, Moorish idols and there are also some sightings of manta rays and Marlins! Hence, if you’re not a fan of diving, its scenic view and white powdery sand slopes to the sea is also a perfect site for you.

10. Aroma Beach

Aroma Beach - @gianne_audrey

Taste the aroma of the sea and soloness at Aroma Beach. This place seems to be left behind by modernization so expect that the number of towering coconuts are the beach very own skyscrapers. Feel free to camp out and relax at this beach since it is rarely explored by visitors.

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