Have a Taste of Greece at This Santorini-Inspired Villa in Pangasinan

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Santorini is a famous tourist destination in Greece and is one of the most romantic places on earth. It is surely included in your bucket list. If until now you still haven’t visited this iconic Greek resort, why don’t you invite your loved one or your travel buddies to go on a vacation in Pangasinan? Why in Pangasinan? Well, aside from mesmerizing waterfalls, beaches, surf spots and the Hundred Islands, there’s a gorgeous villa tucked away at the edge of Bolinao that will make you have a little piece of Santorini!

Make your dream Santorini vacation come true at Sundowners Vacation Villas.

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Sundowners Vacation Villa is a Santorini-inspired resort in Bolinao, Pangasinan with exquisite villas that are equipped with Grecian charm.

Let the infinity pools amaze the hell out of you.

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It’s as if one pool isn’t enough, the villa has two infinity pools that are as stunning as the place, and dive-friendly. You can dip your body into the cool waters of the public pool next to the resort’s own al fresco restaurant and bar. Some of the villas have their own private pools too.

You won’t get bored here. The mesmerizing view is enough to keep you entertained.

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Watch boats passing by to and fro, or just be mesmerized by the breathtakingly beautiful view of the sea, mountains and a lush field of trees from the balcony of the Master Villa, which sits atop a cliff.

image credit: @sundownersvacationvillas
image credit: @sundownersvacationvillas
image credit: @sundownersvacationvillas
image credit: @sundownersvacationvillas

For the adventure seekers, you can travel around Pangasinan and discover some incredible beaches such as Patar beach, which is just a short drive from Sundowners Vacation Villas. There’s also the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse and other historical landmarks and attractions along the way.

So what are you waiting for? Make your dream vacation happen and plan it with your besties now!







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