7 Romantic Travel Destinations in the Philippines



Spice up your relationship status and find time in a day or two with your partner. Despite the busy work schedule, you still need time to make your relationship in a healthy condition. Plan a travel for two and ignite the flame between you and your loved one in a romantic place. If you have no idea about this, you need to check this out!

1. Chateau Hestia, Tagaytay City


Fall in love with the unfading beauty of Tagaytay! This place really makes a perfect spot for spicing up your relationship as you fall in love over and over again with the scenic Tagaytay.

2. Mines View Park, Baguio


Chill and enjoy the cool breeze in the mountains of Baguio City. For a romantic view, watch the breathtaking sunrise with your loved one. If you find yourselves freezing, here’s a tip that I know you already knew – human makes the best jacket.

3. Boracay


Are you fond of going to beaches? Have you been in the renowned white sand beach of Boracay? Then, take your loved one with you and spend time together in this romantic spot!

4. Huma Island, Palawan


Seeking for a romantic travel destination, where you can kindle your love? Palawan will not disappoint you, for it is a paradise that offers many romantic spots perfect for couples.

5. Carmen National Park View Deck, Bohol


Has a heart for nature? Sure the humbleness and the picturesque of Bohol will make your love even better! Carmen National Park View Deck, Bohol is a good spot to have a fuller view of the wondrous Chocolate Hills.

6. Bangui, Ilocos Norte


Feel the refreshing breeze at Ilocos Norte while the scenic place of Bangui Mills makes you feel like you’re not in the Philippines. This spot will really make an Instagrammable photo.

7. Intramuros, Manila


If you don’t want to go farther than the city, Intramuros will be a great spot for dating. This will really help to grow your starting relationship.

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