10 Breathtaking Places That Will Make You Fall With the Beauty of Nueva Ecija


Okay, so, aside from the fact that Nueva Ecija is dubbed as the Rice Granary of the Philippines and Rice Bow of the Philippines, what else do you know about this stunning and demure province in Luzon? Well, if you think that it is just about vast of boring rice fields, we’re giving you a moment to think again! It’s more than what you think of, bes!

You might not know, but hey, this province for sure has the ability to make you fall in love as much as your lover can do! Hahaha! Let us give a moment for this quiet place in Central Luzon to introduce itself and make us fall with the beauty it has got!

1. Minalungao National Park

image credit: FB / Boracay Island, Philippines

A protected area of the Philippines that boasts of its 16-meter high limestone walls in the foothill of the Sierra Madre mountain range. One more thing, the Minalungao National Park is also considered as one of the few remaining natural environments in Central Luzon.

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2. Binbin Falls

image credit: FB / Czarina Cervantes Dandan

For those who fall in love, but unfortunately landed on the ground (‘cause there ain’t no one who’s willing to catch), fret not! Binbin Falls’ relaxing waters will going to make you covered!

3. Gabaldon Falls

image credit: FB / Dan Maramag

Another spot where you can wash all your stress away! Located in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija, hence the name, this 10-foot falls are surrounded by huge rock formations and dripping ice-cold, clear and clean water (that you can even drink!).

4. Palaspas Falls

image credit: mina pranilla

Of course, most of us are looking forward to spending the summer, right? Despite the extreme heat that we’re about to experience, we still are excited about it, and this falls in Nueva Ecija is just so perfect for that season.

5. General Luna Falls

image credit: FB / HANOK Enterprise

A towering waterfall of 100-meter descending widely across a rocky mountain will surely make you fall with the charm of this province. Not to mention that it is also one of the Central Luzon’s best kept secret!

6. Mt. Olivete

image credit: Maricel

Let’s test how strong your feet are by taking the hundred-step stair leading to the church built by the Adarnista spiritual community located on the mountaintop. Many pilgrims frequently visit this spot believing that the spring has medical benefits if they bathe in or drink the water.

7. Pantabangan Dam

image credit: IG / mariacynthiavergara

Proud to say, Pantabangan Dam is built by Filipino engineers which is considered to be one of the cleanest water reservoirs in the country and mind you, it is also one of the largest in Southeast Asia. Pay a visit and appreciate the scenic view surrounding the area!

8. Diamond Park

image credit: FB / This is Kadiwa Nueva Ecija North

Also known as Tayabo Nature Park, Diamond Park is a man-made park perfect for individuals who are after picnic session and sightseeing. This park is also the gateway to Cagayan Valley and well-known for its hundred-step stair which will lead you to a panoramic view of Sierra Madre and northern Nueva Ecija.

9. Dupinga River

image credit: FB / Edwin Martines Photography

Embrace the beauty of nature and the refreshing scenery of running water at Dupinga River! This spot is indeed like finding a paradise amidst the astounding Sierra Madre Mountains.

10. Church of Peñaranda

image credit: DOlCEVITALUX

A church built by Fr. Florentino Samonte on 1869 which has remained its charm despite of many restorations it gone through.

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