8 Splendid Places to Visit in Aurora


8 Splendid Places to Visit in Aurora

Located in the eastern part of Central Luzon where it faces the Philippine Sea… Aurora! A place that takes pride of having pristine white sand beaches, awe-inspiring waterfalls and other majestic natural attractions!

For those who love to travel and always itching to marvel around, Aurora for sure will make your itinerary wonderful!

Check out these splendid places that you can visit in Aurora!

1. Museo de Baler

image credit: Ernest Frank Roque Olonan / Facebook

Have a better understanding of the place and be amazed with stunning well-preserved artifacts in Baler…  only at Museo de Baler!

2. Ermita Hills

image credit: Iluminada Fajardo-Castigador / Facebook

Ermita Hills is the perfect spot if you want to admire the admire the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean as it is believed to be the highest point in Baler.

3. Sabang Beach

image credit: Lakwatserong Sulit / Facebook

But if you want to play with the waves together with your best surfing board, Sabang Beach, where surfing was born, would be a great place to be.

4. Ditumabo Falls

image credit: Philippine Images / Facebook

Let your worries and stress be taken away by the relaxing waters of  Ditumabo Falls, the biggest and the highest waterfalls in Aurora.

5. Caunayan Falls

image credit: Hearts: kimmy

If you really love to lure into waterfalls, Aurora has another one to offer – Caunayan Falls! One of the awesome waterfalls in the place that is notably a lot easier to go to than the first falls on the list.

6. Millennium Tree in Aurora

image credit: JayroldP. Del Mundo / Facebook

Can you imagine about 60 adults holding hands in encircling an entire tree? Well, Millennium Tree in Aurora would make you believe that it’s huger than what you think it might be!

7. Diguisit Beach and Rock Formation

image credit: Jucilie Jhoy Igdanes Alcaria / Facebook

Diguisit Beach might not be an ideal spot for snorkeling and swimming enthusiasts, but hey, its incredibly beautiful rock formations are enough to catch your attention!

8. Dicasalarin Cove

8 Dicasalarin Cove

A stunning beach cove in Baler which is famous for its white sand and access to the Baler Lighthouse. The beach is calm and good for beach-bumming, and perfect for surfing.

Location: Baler, Aurora

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