Explore the Undiscovered Gem in Palawan: The Majestic Onuk Island

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After being named as the World’s Best Island by Travel and Leisure for two consecutive years, Palawan has been a destination of choice by a lot of tourists. Coron, Puerto Princesa and El Nido are the three of its major attractions. But did you know that at the very tip of the largest province in the Philippines lies a breathtakingly beautiful island?

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Pack up, we’re gonna explore the majestic Onuk Island!

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Onuk Island, formerly known as Roughton Island, is situated in the southwestern part of Palawan. This hidden paradise is now becoming a popular tourist destination for its whitest and finest sand and crystal waters.

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Though it is owned by Mayor Shuaib Astami of Balabac, Palawan, it is open to public. You can rest, relax and swim in the calm waters of this paradise.

What made this place a great getaway? Well, there’s no internet connection, no television sets, and cellphone signal is limited. There’s nothing to do but admire and take in the beauty of this island and have some adventure!

You can walk along the beach, soak your feet in the white sand, or dip your body into the clear blue waters.

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Since it has clear waters, you can feast your eyes with the underwater beauty by snorkelling.

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How to get there?

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Since Onuk island is a private island, in able to reach this paradise, you need to personally ask for permission from the Office of Balabac Mayor. You can send a formal letter of request. There a satellite office in Puerto Princesa at Pajara, Barangay Sta. Monica in front of Bible Baptist Church where you can get permission. You can contact Ms. Lorna at 0917-553-2845 or Ms. Fatima at 0921-777-6645 for more details.

If you already have permission, you can go to Rio Tuba town from Puerto Princesa (4-hour drive + another 4 hours by boat going to Balabac town from Rio Tuba)

So, when are you gonna visit this hidden gem?

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