Noteworthy Parks in the Metro That Won’t Disappoint Your Wanderlust!

image credit: instagram / @chanotatum

They say traveling feeds the soul. Well, not only luxurious travel destinations have the ability to fulfill your wanderlust, ‘cause sometimes, you can find fulfillment in simple yet magnificent places… like these parks which have all been part of the Philippine history.

So, instead of just merely feeding the soul with superb sights, fill your mind as well with knowledge entailed with them.

Prepare a pen and a paper and let’s get started listing down the park that won’t regret walking through.

1. Paco Park

image credit: instagram / @kuyajohnjohn

If you want to get lost with the hustle and bustle but don’t want to drive far from the Metro, Paco Park is the best park for you, lazy buddy!

This small and old circular park which used to a municipal cemetery for Spanish aristocrats was also where the Gomburza trio was interred and Rizal’s remains were disinterred.

Location: Belen, Paco, Manila, Metro Manila

2. Fort Santiago

image credit: instagram / @glennb__

Another close-to-the-metro park which plays an important role in the history—where Rizal spent his last moments… Fort Santiago. It’s well-maintained landscape and park grounds are enough to make you feel relaxed!

Location: Intramuros, Manila, Metro Manila

3. Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

image credit: instagram / @crisbonoan

Walk down memory lane as you stroll across the graves of the uniformed men and women who bravely gave up their lives for the sake of the country during the remarkable World War II.

Location: McKinley Road, Global City, Taguig, Manila, Metro Manila

4. Luneta / Rizal Park

image credit: instagram / @matthewroberge

Despite controversial “photobomber” Torre de Manila that can be seen—which is hard to unsee—across the park, Luneta / Rizal Park still is a best place for those who want to find a getaway that is not far from the city. Beyond the statue of Rizal lies the a refreshing Chinese garden where you can sit down and relax.

Location: Roxas Blvd Ermita, Barangay 666 Zone 72, Manila, Metro Manila

5. La Mesa Eco Park

image credit: instagram / @allendeluna_

Who would have thought that behind the tall building and busy streets lies a nice and serene area where you can find a relaxation? Welcome to La Mesa Ecopark, a pretty soothing place surrounded by trees.

Location: La Mesa Dam Compound, Greater Lagro, Quezon City, Luzon 1118, Philippines

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