5 Variations of Pancit That Will Make Your Life (Longer) Flavorful!


5 Variations of Pancit That Will Make Your Life (Longer) Flavorful!

A noodle dish which is always present in every Pinoy celebration, no matter how simple or extravagant it is. A dish which is often said that if eaten by a birthday celebrant, that person will do have a longer life. Like other food, this also has its different variations from various places; it may be full of toppings or with just simple ingredients. Can you guess which food I am referring to? Oh my, you’ve guessed it right! Yeah, it is the undying P-A-N-C-I-T!

For those who love pancit more than the other kind of noodle dish variations, you’ve gone to the right page, as we’ve rounded up the must try pancit and where in the spots of Manila can you find them!

1. Pancit Bihon @ Aling Banang’s

image credit: InterAksyon

This panciteria is a perfect example of Lau Tse’s quotation that goes like this, A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Humble beginnings indeed leads to greater achievements.

When we talk about their pancit, its abundant toppings is quite obvious; it has almost everything you’d want on pancit – vegetables, pork, chicken strips, shrimp, and crunchy chicharon!

Find your nearest Aling Banang’s store here: Store locator

2. Pancit Palabok @ Little Quiapo

image credit: IG / aagizer

Has been serving local favorites to every Pinoy foodie for almost seven decades. And speaking of these favorites, Pancit Palabok, is their self-identified dish. It is made with thin glass noodles coated with thick, shrimp-infused sauce and topped with hard boiled egg, chicharon, shrimp, squid, pork and other mouthwatering seasonings.

Location: 90 Malakas Street, Diliman, Quezon City

3. Pancit Malabon @ Dolora’s Hauz of Pancit Malabon

image credit: Mickey

For sure, even if you’re on a diet, if you see this bilao full of pancit, you’ll going to forget about limiting yourself on what to eat and have a cheat day instead. Who wouldn’t be tempted with a flavorful noodles topped with yummy ingredients, like squid, shrimp, eggs, chicharon, fried chicken skin and veggies?

*View their Facebook page in locating the nearest Dolora’s Hauz of Pancit Malabon branch near you: Facebook

4. Original Pancit Malabon @ Lola Idang’s

image credit: IG / lolaidangspancitmalabon

If Dolora’s pancit is just named Pancit Malabon, well, Lola Idang’s offers the “Original Pancit Malabon”; perfect for those who are longing for the classic taste of pancit Malabon! Lola Idang’s uses thick glass noodles and toppings include squid, shrimp, vegetables and chicharon (for a crunchy taste) for this version of pancit.

*Find your nearest Lola Idang’s branch here: Facebook

5. Pancit Lucban @ Buddy’s

image credit: FB / Catherine Japon Abornoz

The signature pancit of Lucban, Quezon can be now savored in Metro Manila, introducing Pancit Lucban at Buddy’s! Though you’re not very much fond of the authentic dish, you’ll going to like it anyway since there are plenty to like about it, you know.

*Has various branches in Metro Manila

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