10 Must-Try Famous Street Foods in the Philippines



STREET FOODS. Cheap, delicious, and can be found everywhere. Commonly spotted on schools, parks, markets, churches, and bus terminals, street foods can make your taste buds and tummy satisfied without going beyond 20 pesos! Absolutely irresistible.

Fish Balls, Chicken Balls, Squid Balls

Image Credit: angsarap.net

Para kang fishball. Di marunong magmahal.

Fish Balls, Chicken Balls, Squid Balls, anything balls (No, really!)

Made from pulverized cuttlefish meat and formed in a flat shape, fishballs are probably the best and cheapest street food in our country along with squid balls, and chicken balls.

Best paired with: samalamig

Kwek Kwek & Tokneneng

Image Credit: www.wikihow.com

The difference between these orange little thingy? Kwek kweks are quail boiled eggs, while toknenengs are chicken or duck boiled eggs. Or, to make it simple, kwek kweks are the smaller one, and toknenengs are the bigger one.

Best paired with: SAMALAMIG ulit


Image Credit: traveleatfun.com

Just looking at this boxed shaped grilled chicken blood, you’ll understand why they call it betamax. And yes, these are chicken blood. Appetizing, right? I’m serious! These are absolutely delish.

Best paired with: Soda


Image Credit: freedom-republic.blogspot.com

Who would have thought we can buy adidas for only 10 pesos? These yummy grilled chicken feet are perfect for “pulutan”.

Best paired with: San Mig Light or Coke


Image Credit: P. Velasco Photography

Intestines… Our favorite! These grilled chicken/pork intenstines can be dipped in different sauces or vinegar. Whichever you prefer.

Best paired with: Soda / Samalamig


Image credit: ladyresha.deviantart.com


Isn’t this fresh soya milk with caramelized brown sugar and little pearls addictive? Probably one of our favorite breakfasts.

Best paired with: Puto

“Dirty Ice Cream”

Image Credit: bfeedme.com

Beat the heat with a dirty ice cream that is really not dirty. It’s actually one of our favorites! It comes with a variety of flavors like cheese, ube, strawberry, chocolate, and more.

Best paired with: Buns


Image Credit: itsmejoefabelle of Instagram

Don’t tell me you haven’t tried eating balut yet? Balut is a boiled duck embryo that usually paired with salt or vinegar. It might be exotic and really challenging to eat, but deliciousness is guaranteed!

Best paired with: Suka

Banana Cue

Image Credit: angsarap.net

Banana cue, a local banana (saging saba) that is fried in a caramelized brown sugar, are perfect for merienda along with camote cue and turon.

Best paired with : Buko Juice or COKE


Image Credit: mybaykitchen.com

When you hear that “kling kling kling” sound, you know the binatog vendor is there. Binatog is steamed white corn kernels mixed with milk, shredded coconut with salt or sugar.

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