6 Caves in the Philippines that Will Make You Stunned

image credit: instagram / @pointcat

Are you fond of seeing stalactites and stalagmites? Then you are a cave explorer then. Philippines has over hundreds of caves wherein some are still unexplored.

Be amazed with the stunning caves in the country that will surely drop your jaws down.

1. Palawan Underground River

image credit: instagram / @eloipanaligan

Brace yourself as you navigate to the Palawan Underground River, which is Philippines’ most famous cave located in Palawan. Not to mention that it is also the longest navigable underground river in the WORLD! Wew!

2. Sumaging-Latipan-Lomyang Crystal Cave (Sagada)

image credit: instagram / @juanpatag

Does Sagada took your heart away for its beautiful view from atop the mountain? Well, it will also do the same once you enter Sumaging-Latipan-Lomyang Crystal Cave!

3. Callao Cave (Cagayan)

image credit: instagram / @ralphcats

Prepare yourself for a breathtaking massive limestone and rock formations at Callao Cave.

4. Tabon Caves (Quezon, Palawan)

image credit: facebook / The Tabon Caves

Meet the alleged half a million years old cave that can be found in the municipality of Quezon – Tabon Caves. It is where the skull cap remain of a 22,000 years old Tabon Man was found. Whoa!

5. Odloman Cave (Mabinay, Negros Oriental)

image credit: instagram / @stancliff23

Be fascinated with the beautiful Odloman Cave situated in Mabinay, Negros Oriental.

P.S.: Take some photographs, darling.

6. Hinagdanan Cave (Bohol)

image credit: instagram / @p83k

Explore the magnificent Hinagdanan Cave situated in panglao Island, Bohol. Let this beautiful limestone-made cave take your breath away!

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