10 Jaw-Dropping Spots That Will Unveil the Underrated Beauty of Masbate


Famous for being the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines, Masbate has more things to brag about aside from cowboys and delicious beef tapas. Being situated at the center of Philippine archipelago, Masbate serves as the gateway of Bicol Region to Visayas and Mindanao. If you been too hesitant to visit the place and thinks that you might get bored, think again. It has beaches, mountains, old churches that would definitely fascinate you. Not to mention that this place has also a lot of warm and friendly people.

Come on, let’s explore its beauty!

1. Sese Brahmans Ranch

image credit: FB / Renato Jao

Fancy the rolling hills of Batanes? Well, Masbate also got one! Delight your eyes with the stunning rolling hills while watching a flock of cows. It is not everyday that you experience ranch life in the busy city, so cherish every moment here!

Location: San Juan, Mandaon, Masbate, Mandaon, 5411 Masbate

2. Palani Beach

image credit: FB / Philippine PRIDE

Hot? Indulge yourself and swim as long as you want into the clear water of Palani Beach. Surely you will be refreshed and relaxed with the water and of course the scenic view! Don’t forget to put sunscreen though.

Location: Unnamed Road, Palani, Balud, Masbate City, 5412 Masbate

image credit: Bob Marfiga

If you are seeking for a place where you can watch sunset with your date, Pawa Mangrove Park would be a great place to be.

Location: Brgy. Pawa, Masbate City, Masbate

4. Halea Natural Park

image credit: FB / Joey Sarte Salceda

This natural park will surely leave you speechless with its stunning beauty located on the tip of Ticao Island! Discover one of the best kept jewels in Masbate, where you can admire a diverse underwater scene!

Location: Monreal, Ticao Island

5. Buntod Island

image credit: FB / Maria Trinise

A natural sandbar, that serves as a haven for sea turtles as it is consisted of pebbles and silica sand and known as home for manta rays, hence it is also called as Buntod Marine Sanctuary. Its turquoise sea water, the pristine Buntod Marine Sanctuary is enough to shake off your stress and clear your troubled mind.

*Located amidst seawaters of two barangays in Masbate: Nursery and Tugbo.

6. Porta Vega Beach

image credit: IG / iamcheeetos

White sand, crystal clear water and serene environment. Who would not love Porta Vega beach, anyway?

Location: Dimasalang, Masbate

7. Nagarao Island

image credit: IG / ivyclim

Okay, Masbate also takes pride for having one of the white sand beaches in the Philippines. Touch down Nagarao Island! It’s pristine turquoise water and unspoiled powdery white sand are pretty perfect for wanderlusters who seek for a tropical destination!

Location: Nagarao, Placer, Masbate

8. Kalanay Falls

image credit: Noel de Mesa

Whether you’re into relaxation or water adventure, perhaps, Kalanay Falls is the place that you’re looking for! It’s like hitting two birds in one stone, as you will not only be relaxed with the sound of falling water, but also enjoy the ultimate adventure that it brings!

Location: Brgy. Nabangig, Palanas, Masbate

9. Aroroy Lighthouse

image credit: jernelpatena

Located on Bugui Point in the town of Aroroy stands a century-old lighthouse, where you can enjoy a beautiful scenery overlooking the sea.

Location: Bugui Point, Gumahang, Aroroy, Masbate

10. Catandayagan Falls

image credit: IG / jax.max.ba

Here’s another unique spot, that needs a place in your Masbate itinerary–Catandayagan Falls. A spectacular falls, with a cascading water from a 60-feet height.  Find peace and tranquility in the heart of nature as you lure yourself into it’s breathtaking and amazing beauty!

Location: Monreal, Masbate

How to get there:

There are various way on how to get to Masbate from Manila. The fastest and easiest way to reach your destination is via plane which take about an hour and 20 minutes. You can also take bus which departs from Cubao and Pasay to Masbate City. Or travel via ferry.

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