10 Striking Mountains to Climb in the Philippines For Couples


Climbing a mountain with your special someone can create delightfully sweet memories that you will remember forever. So if you haven’t explored any scenic mountains in our country, it’s time to conquer one. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a hard-core mountaineer to climb mountains. Just hold each other’s hand, take a deep breath, be enthusiastic, and believe that you can. Besides, couples who (travel) climb mountains together, stay together.

1. Mt. Pulag, Benguet Ifugao Nueva Vizcaya

image credit: @karencsabate / Instagram

Hike and enjoy the magnificent view on top of Mt. Pulag, one of the highest mountains in the Philippines. Don’t miss to witness the romantic view of rolling sea of clouds.

2. Mt. Pico De Loro, Batangas Cavite

image credit: @artisanjac10 / Instagram

Are you a beginner? Nothing to worry about, honey, Pico de Loro is a beginner’s favorite for it has a friendly trails and of course… great views! Don’t miss to have a photograph on its famous monolith so your followers on Instagram will have something to double-tap!

3. Mt. Manabu, Batangas

iimage credit: @ajmrqz / Instagram

Can’t wait to reach the summit for a magnificent view? Mt. Manabu can be reached within two hours (in normal pace)! Whoa! Chicken!

4. Mt. Daraitan, Rizal

image credit: @arnimiong / Instagram

Let the marvelous limestones at Mt. Daraitan drop your jaws down. Oops, you will as well enchanted by the overlooking view of Sierra Madre range once you reach the peak of the mountain.

5. Mt. Pinatubo, Pampanga, Tarlac, Zambales

image credit: @aireneflowers / Instagram

They say, you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain, just like what happened in Mt. Pinatubo. After the ghastly incident brought by the mountain eruption a new and astonishing scenery emerge! Be captive by the beauty shaped by history at Mt. Pinatubo!

6. Mt. Pundaquit, San Antonio Zambales

image credit: @pol_xin / Instagram

Don’t forget to put on your sunscreen and hat, this hiking destination in San Antonio, Zambales doesn’t have enough trees which can provide some shade.

7. Mt. Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas

image credit: @penelopeuy / Instagram

Fill your eyes with breathtaking view at the summit that will definitely leave you in awe. 😉

8. Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Mabini, Batangas

image credit: @jhestelic / Instagram

Replenish your mind, body and soul at the ever refreshing Mt. Gulugod.

9. Mt. Pamitinan, Rodriguez, Rizal

image credit: @rhouiee / Instagram

Challenge yourself and climb this very rocky mountain in Rizal. 🙂

10. Mt. Macuot, Cuenca, Batangas

image credit: @badethdispo / Instagram

Explore the beauty of Mt. Macuot and be captivated by the scenic view at its peak!

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