These Beautiful Places Will Make You Pack Your Bags and Visit Bulacan ASAP


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“Drawing plans” are common these days. I mean, those planned trips with your barkada that remain just plans and never came to reality. One of the possible reasons why your drawing still doesn’t have colors is the budget. You planned to travel to Palawan but your money isn’t enough to get you a plane ticket. How sad. Another thing is the distance. Most people don’t want to travel that far and spend a lot of hours on the road. Well, if that’s the case, why not start with somewhere near and safe? Besides, our beautiful country houses tons of captivating provinces that boast must-visit spots.

Bulacan is one of the nearest provinces to Metro Manila, which is well-known for its rich history. But did you know that Bulacan also offers drool-worthy places that will make you want to splash some colors to your drawing plans? #TamaNaAngDrawing #KulayanNaAngSketchPad

Take a look at the list of places you should see in Bulacan:

1. Biak-na-Bato National Park


A protected area situated within Barangay Biak-na-Bato in San Miguel, Bulacan (hence the name), that consists of a cave network and a system of rivers. Have an ecological, historical and cultural tour with your friends that will surely make your trip an unforgettable one.

2. Pinagrealan Cave


Whirl back to the historic adventures in 1896 at this one-kilometer deep subterranean network of caverns used by The Katipunero Revolutionaries as a camp during the war against Spain in 1896 and as a hideout of General Emilio Aguinaldo during the Filipino-American War in 1898.

3. Mt. Manalmon


Hilig mo bang mamundok bes? Hike Mt. Manalmon in San Miguel, Bulacan that is more than just a mountain. It is also an outdoor destination with outdoor activities that you can enjoy such as caving, spelunking, diving and zip line.

4. Barasoain Church


Barasoain Church, also known as the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, is a Roman Catholic Church in Malolos, Bulacan built in 1888. It is indeed one of the most beautiful churches in the Philippines that is well worth a visit.

6. Pulilan Butterfly Haven


A perfect bonding place for families and even for friends. It is also a lovely place to visit for nature lovers and environmental conservationists. The haven offers a chance to get a glimpse of the wonders of nature. Kids and kids at heart will definitely enjoy witnessing the various stages of a butterfly’s life cycle from mating, laying eggs, hatching from the eggs, growing into a caterpillar and becoming a beautiful butterfly.

7. The Kalayaan Tree


It is indeed an ancient but absolutely beautiful tree in Malolos, Bulacan. This is the historical Siar Tree which is now known as the Kalayaan Tree (The Freedom Tree) with a monument that depicts the meeting of Filipino revolutionaries represented by Generals Gregorio del Pilar and Isidoro Torres, the legislator Don Pablo Tecson, a nationalist leader of the Church Padre Mariano Sevilla and Doña Basilia Tantoco, a woman freedom fighter.

8. Verdivia Falls


Stressed out? Perhaps you need to schedule a day off with Mother Nature and head to Verdivia Falls, one of Bulacan’s hidden gems. Enjoy its cold waters and the refreshing view with your buddies!

9. Casa Real Shrine


This museum that is under the management of the National Historical Institute was a printing press during the Malolos Republic and was restored and turned into a municipal library in 1852.

10. Aroma Beach


Soak your feet into a sandy beach with aromatic plants. This destination is perfect for picnics with your barkada.

11. Hilltop


One of the beautiful places in Bulacan that also offers a scenic view of the Sierra Madre Range. Hilltop in Norzagaray, Bulacan is also called as the Baguio City of Bulacan.

12. Mt. Lumot


Tag your thrill-seeker friends along and visit this mountain in Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan that provides eco-tourism activities like rock climbing, camping, mountain biking, mountain climbing and bird watching. Your faint-hearted pals can still have fun by admiring the captivating view and landscape of the Sierra Madre Mountains.


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