Minalungao National Park: A Hidden Gem of Nueva Ecija



It’s ironic how people from the province are dying to live in the city as people from the city, even take a leave from work just to experience a relaxing, comforting and paradise-like feeling that can only be brought by the province.

Oops, we’re being too serious here… first statement is real though.

If you are always in search of a fine though not-so-luxurious spot where you can contemplate your thoughts while admiring a beautiful and peaceful scenery, Nueva Ecija has someplace to unveil to you… Prepare to be stunned with this hidden gem that will surely leave you open-mouthed. Ta-da… Minalungao National Park!

credit: IG / iloveastraboy

Tucked in the municipality of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija, this heavenly spot is just about 3 hours away from the metro.

It’s crystal clear water and 16 meter high limestone are enough, (swear) to take all your exhaustion and stress away! Not to mention that it will also serve an indeed great backdrop to your photograph!

credit: FB / Explore Nueva Ecija
credit: IG / feistyredgirl

Aside from admiring its beauty, there’s also a lot of things that you can do here that will make your travel experience at its height.

Here are some things to do while you’re in the Minalungao National Park:

Cliff Diving

credit: FB / Ruben Castor Ranin Images

Since it is surrounded by jaw-dropping limestone, why not get out of your comfort zone and try cliff diving? It would be fun, for sure.

Zip Line

credit: FB / Teffii Palarion

Conquer your fear of heights and let the adventure begin! (Don’t close your eyes for you might miss the beauty of the park from above)


credit: FB / Philippine Images

Appreciate the beauty of the place even more as you slowly navigate the inflatable raft.


credit: FB / Ronileen Joy Temporoza

Adventure-seeker? Then, tag along the whole gang and prepare for a kinda exhausting yet fulfilling hike!


credit: FB / Clarisa Ursula

Want more? Hand a flashlight and brace yourself for an equally adventurous cave exploration!


credit: FB / Jhay G. Cinco

Of course, your trip will not be complete without taking a deep into the clear and refreshing water! Plunge now!

credit: FB / Faye C. Galang
credit: FB / Hiedee Layugan

Is Minalungao National Park a great place to go to?

Plan a trip with your best buddies or family and create a wonderful memories that are worth remembering!

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