Escaping the Bustling Noise of the City at this Limestone Rocks Sanctuary in Rizal Province: Masungi Georeserve


Summer might be soon over, but those who have an adventurous pair of feet can’t be stopped from wandering!

If you are one of those city dwellers who are indeed tired of the buzzing noise of the streets in the city, then it’s time to get yourself tucked into a place far away from all the noise and pollution that the city can bring.

There’s this conservation area tucked in the refreshing rainforests of Rizal where you can get close to nature, which you can’t experience everyday—Masungi Georeserve.

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Masungi Georeserve is a hidden rustic rock garden in the province, where its name is derived from the local term “masungki”, with the literal meaning “spiked”, which is due to the landscape of spur of limestone.

Who would have thought that this destination filled with limestone rocks will serve as a truly fascinating attraction in Rizal?

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Aside from the wonderful limestone rock formations at the conservation area, another thing that makes this a must-go spot among tourists is the creative and exciting trail of rocks, nets, rope courses and hanging bridges that will test your strength as you pass through the Discovery Trail.

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Not to mention that you will also have the chance to witness a panoramic view of Laguna de Bay when you’re atop the web-styled platform: Sapot! Standing in this spot will surely give you the feels of being like the infamous superhero that has the ability to travel to places by emitting webs in his hands—Spiderman.

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There’s also a new path at Masungi which you can rely on when you suddenly feel tired. Sawa, a hanging bridge which is shaped like a belly of a giant python.

If you want to test your physical strength, dare to walk through the steep rope course, which is shaped like the monitor lizard. Hence the name, Bayawak.

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Tired? Get some rest at the hammocks and swings that are shaped like leaves and fruits at Barangay Dahon.

Experience all these at an affordable price that starts at Php 1,400++!

Want to discover more about Masungi Georeserve? Visit their website at:


Masungi Georeserve

Location: Kilometer 47, Marcos Highway, Baras, Rizal, Philippines, 1970

Email: [email protected]

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