Mambukal Mountain Resort: A Perfect Family Destination This Holiday Season!



This holiday season is not just the most awaited time of the year, but also the perfect time for a family get together and travel. I bet you are all excited for a lot of fun and exciting things that await you this season, but hey, do you already have an idea in mind where you can bring the whole family? If none yet, perhaps, Mambukal Mountain Resort would be the one you need!

Located in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, the Mambukal Mountain Resort has a lot of awesome sites that your eyes can enjoy as well the different cool activities that the whole family can enjoy!

Speaking of things to do in Mambukal, here’s a rundown of activities that you can enjoy at this beautiful mountain resort!

1. Stroll around the resort and be amazed  by the picture-perfect scenery.

image credit: Johann Heinrich / Facebook

2. Take some photo so you have something to look back on.

image credit: JNphotography / Facebook

3. Plunge into their relaxing pools.

image credit: Alexis Velez / Facebook

4. Or find the relaxation you seek for into the hot and cold spring of Mambukal.

image credit: Alexis Velez / Facebook

5. Set your camera (again) and stole some photos of the bats flying freely in the sky.

image credit: Jmlisondra Arts / Facebook

6. Are you tough enough to climb mountains? Then prepare for a quite exhausting yet satisfying mountain climbing.

image credit: Dy Castellano / Facebook

7. Still want more? Try out rock climbing this time.

image credit: Joenahs Estrada / Facebook

8. Walk on the Canopy Walk with its hanging bridge while admiring the mesmerizing beauty of the place.

image credit: LoveeMae Decena Diogenes / Facebook

9. Row a boat and enjoy the peacefulness of the resort and tranquil lagoon water.

image credit: Bacolod City Of Smiles / Facebook

10. Enjoy different types of tropical trees as well as a large variety of pines, ferns and orchids.

image credit: Romanslerz Tura / Facebook

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