The Majestic Mahatao and Its Must-Sees!


Batanes, due to its geographical location, gives a breathtakingly beautiful sights: a vast azure sky, unbounded serene sea and, a truly refreshing and relaxing cold breeze. Just the thought of these make you want to book a flight and rush into place. Who wouldn’t want to be in this paradise, anyway?

And Mahatao is one of the must-go places in this small archipelago province in the country. A town proper located seven kilometers away from Basco, which has been one of the most favorite stop among travelers. Well, it’s not surprising for it has a lot of popular attractions.

Check out some of the must-see places in Mahatao, that won’t surely disappoint your wanderlust!

1. Marlboro Hills (Racuh a Payaman)

Image Credit: instagram / @jhei_manzanero

2. Maydangeb White Beach

Image Credit: instagram / @ironwulf

3. Homoron Blue Lagoon

Image Credit: instagram / @byahenirain

4. Homoron White Beach

Image Credit: instagram / @randyapostol

5. Tayid Lighthouse

Image Credit: instagram / @thechescapades

6. Diura Beach

Image Credit: thepoortraveler

7. Di-Atay Beach

Image Credit: instagram / @ianchacon_

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