4 Lesser Known Yet Mystically Beautiful Travel Destinations in the Philippines



With all the beautiful and famous travel destinations in the Philippines, sometimes you just want to go someplace where only few have known so you can peacefully admire its exquisite beauty. Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve found the right page as we are about to list down lesser known yet mystically beautiful travel destinations in the country!

1. Danao, Bohol

image credit: FB / Michal Toloczko - padróźnik

Would you like to feel literal high (without taking any drugs) where the clouds are just below where you stand on? Danao, Bohol will make you feel like you’re on top of the world! Sea of clouds for sure makes a good backdrop to take photos!

2. Sila Island

image credit: IG / traveler_jandy

White sand beaches seem to be common in the Philippines as our country got plenty of those. But, if you really want to experience something new, visit Sila Island in Northern Samar and let its pink sand beach (one of the country’s two pink sand beaches) take your breath away!

3. Pangihan Cave, Aklan

image credit: FB / Gerald Inocencio

If you think Boracay is the only magnificent travel destination that you can visit in the province of Aklan, Pangihan Cave proves you wrong! Jaw-dropping formation of stalagmites and stalactites as well as majestic white rocks are enough to make you love the place!

4. Kawasan Falls, Cebu

image credit: FB / David Wimble

Let Kawasan Falls of Cebu wash off all your stress away and fall in love instead, with its mystically beautiful three-layer cascading falls. This stunning spot will able you admire the beauty of nature as it is much less populated than other infamous falls in the country.

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