Lake Sebu: A Paradise on Its Own Right


Lake Sebu A Paradise on Its Own Right COVER

Lake Sebu is located in South Cotabato and is renowned to be the home of the freshest Saint Peter’s Fish in the Philippines.

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Due to its rich bio-diversity and majestic scenery it is now starting to hit the tourism in the province.

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Its main attraction is the lake itself which is the biggest in the province. However, aside from the serenity of the place many adventure seekers troop to this part of Mindanao to witness the famous Seven Majestic Waterfalls.

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The best way to see these waterfalls is to ride the longest zipline in asia (located in Lake Sebu!).

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If you are seeking for more thrill you can try paragliding under Lake Sebu skies!

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But if you’re not a fan of heart-pumping activities you can still enjoy the beauty of Lake Sebu by canoeing.

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There’s no  way you can’t enjoy Lake Sebu, and surely it is a paradise on its own right.

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How to get in Lake Sebu?

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From Manila, book a flight going to General Santos City. From General Santos City’s Bulaong Terminal, ride a Marbel (Koronadal) bound bus, travel time is approximately one hour. Upon arriving at Marbel Terminal catch a van going directly to Lake Sebu. But if you are on a tight budget you may ride a bus going to Surallah and from the Sullarah Terminal transfer to a jeepney going to Lake Sebu. The last trip going to the lake is usually six o’clock in the evening.

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