8 Impressively Beautiful Lagoons in the Philippines



Marvel the stillness and beauty of these magical lagoons in the Philippines!

1. Twin Lagoon, Coron Palawan


Take in the identical beauty of Twin Lagoon, two lagoons separated by karst walls. The smaller lagoon is hidden, and can only be reached by a small crevice underneath the rock. The bigger one is where the boats pass and has deeper and darker waters.

2. Tangke Saltwater Lagoon, Carles Iloilo


Locals call it “Enchanted Lagoon” and believed to be a home to enchanted beings. To enjoy its clear, shallow waters, they warn tourists not to be noisy in the lagoon. There’s no harm in obeying them, right?

3. Blue Lagoon, Surigao del Sur


This mesmerizing lagoon has clear waters that reflect the blue sky and green trees. What a magical view!

4. Homoron Blue Lagoon, Batanes


In love with anything blue? Here’s a deep blue lagoon that hides between rocky cliffs. It is also known as the “Spaniard’s Blue Lagoon” as the Spaniards claimed it during the Spanish colonial rule.

5. Danjugan Island Lagoon, Negros Occidental


How relaxing! You can see corals and marine life through this beautiful lagoon’s still and clear water. There’s a bamboo bridge where you can listen to birds and bats.

6. Small Lagoon, El Nido Palawan


Small Lagoon is actually fairly large with an opening between two rocks. You can enjoy swimming or kayaking in its clear waters.

7. Big Lagoon, El Nido Palawan


If there’s a small lagoon, there should also be a big lagoon. And this one is really big with a wide entrance that several boats can enter simultaneously. Wanna see the entire lagoon? Take a boat ride during high tide!

8. Paguriran Lagoon, Sorsogon


Be sure not to forget to visit this beautiful rock-island-look-alike lagoon encircled by rugged rock formations. It can easily be reached by foot during low tide.

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