Ride the Waves of La Union at the Astounding Monaliza Surf Resort!

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Let’s play a guessing game!

What is the best thing to do during rainy season that starts with letter “S”? Soup?…. Sleeping?…. S… Okay.. So get your mind off the gutter sweetie.

The best thing to do during rainy and cold season is SURFING! It’s a little bit heart pumping and hair raising but definitely worth the pound!

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Since we are talking about “surfing”, let’s visit the surfing capital of the north! The tranquil and beach perfect La Union!

To enjoy the gigantic waves of La Union, you better stay at Monaliza Surf Resort!

Monaliza Surf Resort started humbly operating in 1980 with only a nipa cottage with two rooms.

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Since Nipa Cottages are vulnerable to strong typhoons, the owner decided to change the nipa hut concept into concrete rooms and later on named the resort Monaliza.

The rooms are affordable and equipped with basic necessities.

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The best part of Monaliza Surf Resort is its strategic location. The resort is located in front of Point Break where you can watch professional surfers do their death-defying tricks during the annual Surf Break!


Price starts at P1,300

Monaliza Surf Resort

Location: MacArthur Highway, San Juan, La Union

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