Kapampangan Dishes That Will Make You Want to Visit Pampanga



Keni na ka!

In quest of a place that would appease your rumbling stomach and make your taste buds happy? Head over to Pampanga, buddies!

Visiting this province in Central Luzon wouldn’t be complete without trying some classic and exotic Kapampangan dishes that will absolutely make you say, “manyaman”! (delicious). Hence, Pampanga is called as Culinary Capital of the Philippines.

Here are some Kabalen dishes that will surely make you want to visit Pampanga right away!

1. Sisig

image credit: Maria Alyssa Blogs

If there’s a dish that marks Kapampangan cuisine, it would be none other than the famous Sisig! Made with chopped pig’s ears, face and snout plus diced onions and chili, cooked in a sizzling plate… tada! A very tempting and delicious dish that can make you forget you are in a diet.

2. Buro

image credit: Inkdontmixwithwater

A dish that Kapampangans could not live without, buro. It is a fermented rice with fresh shrimp, sautéed in garlic and plenty of tomatoes. This dish is a perfect match of fresh mustard leaves. Mangan tana! (Let’s eat!)

3. Betute Tugak

image credit: Crispy Pata at Kare-Kare

Are you up for eating exotic food? If so, then get a taste for Betute Tugak!

If you are bit hesitant that the frogs are not safe to eat, don’t be, it is farm raised. Nothing to worry about, foodie.

4. Camaru

image credit: The Budget Traveler

Another exotic Kapampangan dish that you can taste in the province, Camaru. A dish which is made by cooking the insects (kamaru) adobo style and deep fried with tomatoes and onions.

Try and realize that these insects make a good dish!

5. Taba ng Talangka

image credit: Woman Scribbles

Taba ng Talangka or pure fat from tiny crab is another Kapampangan delicacy that the province is very popular for. Pure crab fat sautéed with loads of garlics and with squeezed calamansi or lemon juice would really make your meal satisfying!

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