KANTORINI : The Santorini-Inspired Food Park of Katipunan

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Who would have thought that Santorini is just really in Quezon City?

Just recently, Katipunan unveil it’s newest food park – the Kantorini!

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Kantorini is a food park inspired by the notable tourist destination in Greece, no other than the awe-inspiring Santorini (a moment of silence for our friend who didn’t get the name Kantorini immediately)! Though it is still on its soft opening, it will not going to disappoint you in terms of food, value for money and bedazzling grecian style!

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So if you’re thinking that this future sought after food park only offer greek food, you are partially correct because they have the classic Greek gyros!

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Apart from those, they also have Japanese meals coming from Hito Kori like their signature Deep Fried Takoyaki Ice Cream and Kyodai dragon roll sushi.

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A 9 inches jumbo hotdog from Chief-ER (WOW!)

Image Credit: facebook / @ChiefErSausages

A luscious yet healthy korean food from Korya.

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The mouthwatering WAGYU cubes by GYU TOM (which is nakaka gyu tom talaga)

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Sweet treats from NY Crepe

Image Credit: facebook / @kantorinifoodpark

And 22 more food stalls to please you!

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Kantorini Food Park is walking distance away from LRT Katipunan Station, such a perfect spot to chill after being bombarded by workloads in the office!

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Location: Lot 2 Katipunan Avenue Quezon City (near Ateneo de Manila University)

Business Hours: Daily 4PM – 12MN

Contact Number: 0936-9681820 / 0917-8844028

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