This New, Breathtaking Hostel in Zambales Will Give You Jungle Feels


Maybe it will only be in a dream to wake up with the refreshing sound of the waves and the warm sunlight that brushes your face. Because in reality, the disturbing sound of the alarm clock or the bustling of the vehicles will gonna wake the heck out of you.

But, do you know that there’s this one place in the beautiful province of Zambales where you can embrace the sea breeze, get lost under the mesmerizing sky horizon and be close to nature? Well, let your wander-full toes take you to Ten Toes On The Nose Jungle Hostel, sitting quietly right beside the surfing paradise in San Narciso, Zambales.

The name of this hostel might somehow tickle your mind, right? So, for those who want to know the reason behind it’s witty name, The Ten Toes On The Nose comes from the idea where surfer puts his ten toes on the nose of the longboard when riding and dancing with the waves.

Planning to spend the night at this paradise-like place? Well, you can freely can as this jungle hostel boasts 10 beachfront cottage huts surrounded by over 600 pieces of pine trees which make it to exude cool atmosphere. In addition, guests have nothing to worry about as each shack is equipped with two beds, electric fan, pillows, blankets, towels, and complete set of toiletries – all you need to do is ENJOY! Accommodation is pretty good and affordable for it can be enjoyed for only Php1,700, which include a breakfast buffet good for two.

The Ten Toes On The Nose Jungle Hostel is indeed perfect for individuals seeking for serene and low-key place far away from your busy city lifestyle.


Ten Toes On The Nose Jungle Hostel

Location: Crystal Beach, Brgy La Paz San Narciso, Zambales

Contact: (02) 781 6783

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