12 Haunted Places in the Philippines That Will Scare Even the Non-Believers



The Philippines has a lot of undeniably beautiful attractions, which we are all aware of. But our country also houses spine-chilling places that will will give you goosebumps. Are you brave enough to visit these places that will scare the hell out of you?

Turn the lights off and start reading this article.

1. Diplomat Hotel

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Dare to visit the Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City? It’s one of the most publicized scary places in the Philippines. This abandoned hotel became a vacation place and a seminary in 1911. People who visit this abandoned hotel experienced to hear voices of screaming people, and banging of doors and windows. Some have even seen the ghost of the dead priest, nuns, and refugees during World War II.

2. Laperal House

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Another famous haunted house in Baguio that was built in 1920. The Laperal House served as a den for the Japanese forces during the war. The house witnessed brutal acts of torture and killings. People who visit the place, or even those who are just passing by, have seen figures among the windows, and the guards hear footsteps coming from the house.

3. Balete Drive

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The story behind this famous two-lane street in Quezon City is a girl who died in a car accident in the area. It is believed that the girl is trying to hitch a ride to find her way home. While some say it’s a ghost of a girl who died in the Spanish area.

4. Teacher’s Camp

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The Teacher’s Camp in Baguio City serves as the accommodation for teacher training and other corporate engagements. But I’m not sure if you can sleep well when you hear footsteps late at night, or see unusual shadows. The rooms are believed to be haunted, and many horror stories have been associated with this site.

5. Bahay na Pula

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By simply looking at the picture, Bahay na Pula or The Red House will give you the creeps. It is called Bahay na Pula because of its red hue. This house is believed to be a place where women were held captive and killed during the Japanese era. Some people believe that its red hue might be the blood that flowed within the area.

6. The Malinta Tunnel

image credit: https://www.instagram.com/bpsola

One of the scariest places in the Philippines where a lot of soldiers died. Many horror stories have been reported such as unexplainable noises, temperature changes, and unusual shadows.

7. Clark Air Base Hospital

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Goosebumps is just one of the eerie feelings that you’ll get in this abandoned hospital in Clark Air Base. Since hospital itself is already scary, this one will surely give you more creeps. No wonder there are hundreds of spine-tingling stories linked with this medical place.

8. Balay Negrense

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Otherwise called as Victor Gaston Ancestral Home (1898), Balay Negrense is a tourist spot and at the same time a museum located in the province of Negros Occidental. Try to step inside this old house and let’s see if the mirrors hanged in the rooms will not creeped you out.

9. Hospital Ruins in Corregidor

image credit: https://www.instagram.com/jeanshayla

In search of a creepy place to test your courage this Halloween season? Here’s another abandoned hospital in the list that will surely give that creep you’re looking for – Hospital Ruins in Corregidor. It’s damaged walls separating the areas will make your heart to pound hard; you might not know what’s waiting for you on the other end.

10. Ozone Disco

image credit: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/652075/what-went-before-ozone-disco-club

Who would think that a disco house will turn to be one of the haunted places in the country? It was in March 18, 1996 when partygoers (mostly graduating students in Quezon City) were burnt alive and suffocated caused by a fire break out in this disco. Due to the incident, Ozone Disco had been closed until now. It is said that strange activity occurs in the place at night, like vague disco lights, eerie sounds, and creepy silhouettes.

11. Manila Film Center

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Famous for the construction accident happened in November 17, 1981 where more than hundred of construction workers were buried alive in cement after falling from the collapsed scaffolding. People who tend to visit this spooked place reports hearing shriek sounds and scream which are deemed to be from those who are buried in the building.

12. Maanghit Cave

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Since caves are deemed to be the sanctuary for bats, this one is no exemption from bat’s droppings which gives it the awful smell. Hence, the name Maanghit came from. If you are looking for an unusual and spooky place to explore, try spelunking here.

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