A Gastronomic Food Trip Awaits us at The Yard!

Image Credit: instagram / @yakgmz27

Everytime we attempt to go on a diet, we always end up having a so called “cheat day”. Am i right or am i right? Yes, because I am definitely right! We Filipinos love to munch, if not because of our love for food, food parks will never be created.

Image Credit: instagram / @mikefuentes18

And speaking of which, do you think the Culinary Capital of the country will be outdated? Presenting “The Yard”, the newest craze in Pampanga!

Image Credit: instagram / @mnasazon

The Yard began operating last April 29 with the aim of bringing family and friends closer together while gourmandizing palatable dishes!

Image Credit: instagram / @elacalalang

It is a two storey outdoor food-park with chic industrial concept. The park boast its instagram-worthy look with the pop up neon lights and adorable quotations and statements printed all over the area!

Image Credit: instagram / @atangkadatao
Image Credit: instagram / @chaliza.sunga

Some of the park tenants are from the metro and first-timers entrepreneurs. Some of them are Urban Crunch, Pizza Panada, Papa Dough Chimney Cake, Tempura Zen, Halal Kabab Express, Sweet Illusion, Ban Chak Korean Food, Takoyaki, Toned by Xard, Juice Lab and many more!

Image Credit: instagram / @mrfoodtography
Image Credit: instagram / @anjecuenca
Image Credit: instagram / @kevinfuckinbatao

Do not forget to bring a camera with you because you might bump into a celebrity while walking (YES, it is a star studded food park as well)!

So on your next chill out session with the gang, you might wanna spend it at The Yard!

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