Here’s How You Can Enjoy the Peaceful, Provincial Life in Lucban, Quezon

image credit: flickr - jerwin lim

Famous for its annual Pahiyas Festival, Lucban, Quezon is one of the municipalities in Quezon Province. But aside from the Pahiyas Festival which is held every 15th of May, Lucban is also known for its appetizing longganisa and other delicacies that your taste buds will definitely love. And did you know that this humble municipality houses some nice spots that you should explore when you visit the place.

Here are few of the things that you should try when you’re in Lucban.

1. Climb up Kamay Ni Jesus.

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For devoted catholics, you can pay the Pilgrimage Hill at the Kamay Ni Jesus a visit and feel the presence of God. Rising up 292 steps, the hill houses the 14 Stations of the Cross that climb the hill ending with a large Jesus Christ has risen statue.

2. Have a taste of Pancit Habhab.

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Another popular dish in Lucban is Pancit Habhab which is best eaten hinahabhab. The dish is usually served in a banana leaf and you are not supposed to use your hands or any kind of utensil in eating it. So how can you savour it? Just take the pancit habhab as close to your mouth and eat it from the banana leaf. 😉

3. Visit Rizal Shrine.

image credit: @national historical commission of the philippines

Situated in front of the Lucban Municipal building, you can see the Shrine of our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

4. Don’t forget to try Lucban Longganisa.

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Of course, you must savour the goodness of Lucban’s special longganisa with strong garlic smell that will surely entice your taste buds.

5. Drool over the colorful and delightful Kiping.

image credit: flickr - jerwin lim

Such lovelies. What are these? Kiping is a leaf-shaped wafer made of rice and comes in different colors. These are usually crushed and sprinkled with sugar when served. Be sure to try these out when you get to Lucban!

6. Join the fun in Pahiyas Festival!

image credit: instagram / @martinjunio

Fill your eyes with eye-catching decoration and vibrant houses during the Pahiyas Festival which is celebrated every May 15 in honor of the municipality’s patron saint, San Isidro Labrador. The festival is the locals’ way of giving thanks for the bountiful harvest over the past year.


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