10 Food Stalls at The Vibe Where You Can Feast With Great Food and Drinks


10 Food Stalls at The Vibe Where You Can Feast With Great Food and Drinks! COVER

Want to tuck in your tummy with luscious food and great drinks? There’s this food park nestling along Tandang Sora and owned by Aristotle Blas whom has a family who love food and probably songs, too, as there’s also a KTV room – perfect for all die-hard singers out there!

Let us get down to the food stalls that will surely make you feel like eating in an international restaurant since they’ve got different cuisines to offer!

1. Wing Vibe

ph food; the vibe / Wing Vibe

Who’ll not be in good vibes if there’s a plate of chicken wings offered on top of the table? If you’re one of those foodies who agreed that wings is the best part of the chicken and find it really irresistible, then visit Wing Vibe at The Vibe!

2. Burning Hot Plate

ph food: the vibe / Burning Hot Plate

Okay, let’s admit that any food served on a sizzling plate plus the mouthwatering smell of the dish makes us even more hungry. Thankfully, there’s Burning Hot Plate to appease our rumbling stomach!

3. Piggin’ Out

ph food: the vibe / Piggin’ Out

Round up the gang and satisfy all your porky cravings at the Piggin’ Out where bagnet and bacon are both served!

4. Baypoint

ph food: the vibe / Baypoint

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside… Giant Butterfly Squid, Baypoint’s famous and best-selling food! Chill and pig out!

5. Viet Taste

ph food; the vibe / Viet Taste

Up for a savory soup? Let your feet take you inside Viet taste, obvious from its name, this is a Vietnamese food stall that specializes in serving Pho (soup noodles), fried noodles, spring rolls, Vietnam coffee, organic tea and green tea. Warm your appetite, foodies!

6. Little Penang

ph food: the vibe / Little Penang

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard Char Kway Teow, a popular street food in Malaysia, and the ever delicious Nasi Lemak. You can have both at Little Penang for affordable prices!

7. Big Mess Burger

ph food: the vibe / Big Mess Burger

Can’t get enough of burger? Test your appetite with Big Mess Burger’s huge burgers with egg, bacon and three beef patties between two tasty buns!

8. Berliner Grill

ph food: the vibe / Berliner Grill

Taste the flavors of German with Berliner Grill’s Doner Kebab which is served with a lightly toasted pita bread with beef, chicken or a mix of both.

9. Sugar Sweet

ph food: thne vibe / Sugar Sweet

I know what you’re looking for. Delectable desserts that can make your taste buds scream in satisfaction. Well, sweet treats are present at The Vibe. Get a taste of Sugar Sweet’s premium Cookies ‘n’ Cream milkshake made with cookies and cream ice cream with whipped cream, a chocolate cupcake, an Oreo cookie and crushed Oreos!

10. Nitroshack

ph food: the vibe / Nitroshack

Nitroshack’s Devil’s Dessert sounds sinfully delicious. It has chili blended with chocolate ice cream, which is perfect for those who are into unique treats.  They also serve Heaven’s Treat – vanilla ice cream, marshmallows, white chocolate, whipped cream and silver edible beads.

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