10 Filipino Attitudes That Need To Be Dropped



Filipinos have remarkable traits and characteristics that make us unique from others. But, if there are pros, surely there would also be cons; same as with Filipino attitudes. If there are some who look us up for the lovable attitudes that we have (say being hospitable), there are also some who look us down due to our unlikable and must-get-rid-of traits.

Admit it or not, the following attitudes will going to hit us hard on the face.

1. Mañana Habit


One of the most annoying yet we often do is procrastinating or the so-called Mañana Habit. This habit (mañana) taught by the Spaniards means ‘tomorrow’ or ‘mamaya na’ in Filipino.

It is like when someone asks you to “Tara, gawin na natin yung assignment” surely your reply would be like “mamaya na” or “bukas na”. See?

2. Colonial Mentality


If there would be one biggest flaw that we need to change it is none other than having a colonial mentality. Think of this, how can our nation succeed if we remain patronizing foreign products, people, places than ours?

3. Bahala na Mentality


One of the most-used phrases among Filipinos when times get rough is “Bahala na”. Sometimes, this mentality have been a default answer that comes out of our lips when someone asks “Ano gagawin mo nyan?” and you’re like “Bahala na”, “Bahala na si Batman”.

4. Balat-Sibuyas


Another trait that made us so famous about is being onion-skinned or what we call in local term as balat-sibuyas. It is ironic that it seems normal for us to criticize others yet get extra-sensitive when the criticism is made towards us.

5. Ningas-Kugon


Ningas-Kugon is an idiom that means showing much enthusiasm in starting things but then quickly fades soon after. One of the reason behind why some of our works are left unfinished or half-baked.

6. Crab Mentality


This trait shows that Filipinos are like crabs in a bucket; those who could or have the ability to escape out are pulled down by others who couldn’t even climb to the top. Thus, leaving them all in the same situation.

7. Filipino Time


Another bad habit about Filipino that needs to be get off is somewhat related to the mañana habit – Filipino time. Seems like Filipino time is unique and far beyond the standard time. When dealing a Filipino, expect that 7 ‘o’clock call time means 8 o’clock or later than what is should be.

8. Disregarding Rules


“Bawal tumawid, may namatay na dito” yet there are still some who tries to cross road. Sometimes, no matter how clearly stated the signs and rules are, Filipinos just seem to be very hard-headed to ignore them. Or do we just love to break rules?

9. Excessive Partying


There are lot of things that Filipinos love to celebrate: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, fiestas and the likes. It is not bad to party, it’s just that we tend to over do it by celebrating like there’s no tomorrow.

10. Corruption


Aside from poverty, one of the reasons why our country seems to be not succeeding is due to corruption “lagay”. In fact, this has been tagged by our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal as “kanser ng lipunan”.

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