8 Favorite Pinoy Christmas Dishes



One of the much awaited things in celebrating Christmas in the Philippines? FOOD. When the clock strikes 12 o’clock midnight, families gather around dinner tables and savor these delicious dishes that we, Filipinos, love to eat during Christmas.

1. Keso de Bola


Delightful rounded cheese enclosed in a red paraffin wax. Keso de Bola is the local name for Edam cheese, which is named after the town of Edam in the province of North Holland.

2. Spaghetti


Since we are sweets enthusiasts, even our spaghetti are sweet with red hot dog bits and cheese. This can’t be absent in the Noche Buena menu.

3. Ham


The feasting season is not complete without the holiday ham. Others prefer salty over sweet, some want their ham, smoked or baked. You can enjoy it with bread and kesong puti.

4. Kakanin


One of our all time favorite desserts. Kakanin is assorted sticky sweets with different colors and flavors. There’s suman, kutsinta, puto bumbong, and bibingka.

5. Barbecue


Though this one can be found and eaten every day, it is somehow part of the tradition grill some read meat on the grill while having a chit chat session with the family and friends.

6. Fruit Salad


Another delight that spices up the Christmas is none other than fruit salad, a combination of fresh or canned fruits mixed with cream and condensed milk. If you have this sweet food in the table, even your sweet tooth will have a feast!

7. Macaroni Salad


Another version of salad, but this time it is made with macaroni pasta paired with mayonnaise and chicken strips. If you want it to be a little sweeter, you can also add canned fruits and… ta-da, you now have a macaroni fruit salad!

8. Lechon


This dish makes the festivity merrier as it is the star of every Christmas table, lechon! But hey, just don’t eat too much or else you might suffer with hypertension. We all know how this dish is rich in fats, right?

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