5 Fascinating Destinations in the Philippines Below 50 Pesos


Sure, travelling is fun. But it can be costly too. But hey, we’re living in a country blessed with natural wonders like tranquil and captivating beaches, mountains, and water forms. We’re lucky because there are places in the Philippines that we can visit without breaking the bank.

Yes, you read it right. Actually, there are beautiful destinations in our country below 50 pesos. Absolutely must visit!

Tondol White Sand Beach, Pangasinan


Who would have thought that your PHP5 can let you enjoy a serene white beach? Indulge yourself in the beauty of Tondol White Sand Beach in Pangasinan. You can ride a bus bound or drive to Anda, Pangasinan.

Mangrove Forest, Aklan


For only PHP20, you can experience a leisure excercise at the 1.1km trail of the Mangrove forest in Aklan.

Enchanted River, Surigao


I’m sure you’ve been desiring to visit the famous Enchanted River located in Hinatuan. You can witness this blue and deep river for only PHP20!

Madongan Dam, Ilocos Norte


Only have PHP 10 in your pocket? Fret not. You can get a glimpse of such picturesque view and wade in waters of a man-made dam. There are available cottages that you can rent if you plan to stay longer.

Daranak Falls, Rizal


Badly need a break from work and the busy city but you are broke? With just PHP50, you can have a fantastic adventure at Daranak Falls!

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